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This beautifully resin-speckled specimen takes fruity and funky skunky flavors to a whole new dimension, combining considerable bag appeal with a cultivation experience that’s both delightfully simple and profoundly generous...

Bred From Greatness, For Greatness

Bud Basics

Sneak a peek at the genetic ancestry of Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band Feminized and you’ll find a laundry list of Indica-dominant heavy hitters of such renown that it’s no surprise this hybrid is such an exceptional variety.

Beyond the obvious parent strains, this herb descends from the likes of OG Kush, Master Kush, Sour Diesel, Blueberry and the infamous Skunk #1 genetics, and the resulting pot progeny is truly brain-boggling.

This beautifully resin-speckled specimen takes fruity and funky skunky flavors to a whole new dimension, combining considerable bag appeal with a cultivation experience that’s both delightfully simple and profoundly generous.

Don’t mistake this stuff for your stereotypical stoner mong-out strain though, there’s plenty of cerebral charge to this cannabis which, while not enough to class this as an ‘energizing strain’ or wake and bake variety, does make Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band a perfect fit for lazy times filled with laughter (and the potential for some seriously deep conversations, too!).

For those who can’t choose between West Coast champions and Europe’s finest, thanks to this hybrid you no longer have to make that decision.

With this kind of combination of award-winning genetics, it’s fair to say this hybrid looks nigh on perfect on paper - perhaps why she remains such a rarity, savored among those fortunate enough to happen upon a batch (or grow their own), and craved by all who haven’t.

Flavor and Fragrance of Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band

While the precise terpene profile of Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band is something of a mystery, tokers need only glance back at the illustrious genetic ancestry of this ganja to get a solid feel for what’s in store from this herb’s flavor and aroma.

For both nose and tongue, it’s a delightful experience that punctuates the chemically skunky Cheese hit with perfectly interspersed notes of fruit and berries - the definition of fresh and funky.

While many descendants of the Skunk family can be quite divisive, the delectable influence of the critically acclaimed Blueberry serves to tip the scales considerably, offering up a smooth and refreshing twist that’s tough to resist.

Careful though - that aroma carries for miles.


An average of 18% THC might not seem enormous compared with some of the highest THC strains out there, but these nugs are still considerably potent and capable of taking even seasoned stoners by surprise (a common Cheese family trait).

Much like her parents, Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band wastes no time letting you know she’s hard at work, and most tokers will still be savoring the decadent flavors of their first hits when the uplifting euphoria starts kicking in.

There’s a decided note of cerebral intensity inherited from the Headband side of things (where else do you think this famous parent’s name came from?) which can hit users in a variety of ways. Those with higher THC tolerances have experienced a sharpening focus, while those new to consuming cannabis can feel a little foggy and disoriented by the potency of the hit.

Generally speaking, this herb is the definition of a relaxing cannabis strain, and absolutely one best saved for afternoons, evenings or weekend use.

And while not the most invigorating of specimens, there is a real socially stimulating essence to these buds which, in the right setting and with the right company, can be the perfect accompaniment.

The munchies are also practically guaranteed, so be sure you’re stocked up with sufficient snacks!

Overindulgence is where things can get dicey, with the potential for couchlocking levels of sedation coming on swiftly and the likelihood of adverse side effects like dry mouth, eyes and dizziness.

Medical Uses of Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band Feminized

Though not bred for the medical marijuana (MMJ) market, boasting a low CBD and high THC ratio, and being too rare a specimen to be regularly relied on for therapeutic use does nothing to diminish the medical benefits of Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band Feminized.

Those with low THC tolerances will need to consume with care and stay suitably hydrated throughout, or else risk those less desirable side effects of marijuana.

Potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties make this pot a dab hand when it comes to addressing physical conditions, offering patients with a long-lasting and palpable sense of relief from everyday aches and pains, to more severe and chronic conditions.

From mild headaches to serious ailments like lupus, this herb is more than capable of restoring a semblance of pain-free living to users’ lives.

Anti-emetic and hunger-stimulating effects are also on the cards with this cannabis, which can bring relief to even the more debilitating appetite-draining ailments.

Furthermore, the cerebral mood-modulating effects of consuming Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band are a surefire way to banish negativity and squash the likes of stress, depression, anxiety or general malaise - whether you’re merely down in the dumps or have been formally diagnosed.

Growing Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band Feminized Seeds

This herb really does embody a truly balanced representation of her parent strains, which pleasantly result in a plant that’s relatively simple for even less experienced growers to succeed with.

Thanks to strong Indica genes, there’s a distinct robustness to Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band Feminized plants which helps them largely handle themselves, bestowing the ability to fend off common plant problems like bud rot, pests or pathogens.

In fact, the only real attention growers will need to give these plants is regularly trimming and pruning the lower lateral branches - this will help ensure adequate airflow and light penetration, thereby boosting bud production and overall plant health.

While this kind of hardiness makes Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band Fem an ideal choice for outdoor growing environments, you’ll need access to a warm Mediterranean climate for the best al-fresco results.

For those less fortunately located, these babies will thrive in an indoor setup just fine, and you should consider implementing a ScROG (Screen of Green) or SoG (Sea of Green) setup to help draw the full potential from your plants and make use of all available space you’ve got.

If you’re in less ideal northern hemisphere climates and can’t resist that au-natural outdoor cultivation experience, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your plants, show them ample TLC, and aim to harvest in September. Thanks again to that Indica backbone, this hybrid should still be quite capable of some satisfying production levels - though don’t expect the highest possible yields.

Regardless of where you grow Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band Feminized, keep in mind that Skunk runs through these beauties and they’re gonna stink. If discretion is important to you, quality odor control measures like carbon filters will be a necessity.

When it comes to cultivation medium, organic soil can be great for drawing out more from the (already bursting) flavor and aroma profile, but most growers tend towards a hydroponic medium to encourage a truly bodacious and bountiful harvest.

Overall, expect between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering time before your crop is ready to harvest - after which, indoor growers can look forward to between 350 and 450 grams per meter squared, while outdoor crops can yield anything up to 800 grams per plant of these glistening stink nugs - yes please!


Bold and beautiful, this hybrid has more legendary cannabis strains in her ancestry then you can shake a Sativa stem at.

A relatively simple to grow strain, these feminized Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band seeds are the best chance anyone has at scoring their own stash of this super rare specimen - a combination of the best from the West Coast and Europe in one genuinely outstanding hybrid.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthSeptember
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
GrowsGrows Outside
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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