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Hindu Kush Regular is a 100% Indica landrace strain that’s infamous around the world for both her modern-day effects and her generous resin production, making her the strain of choice for...

Hardy & Heavy with a High that’s Hard to Beat

Bud Basics

Native to the regions of mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Hindu Kush Regular is a 100% Indica landrace strain that’s infamous around the world for both her modern-day effects and her generous resin production, making her the strain of choice for growers who wish to make hashish.

Sweet, spicy and musky with notes of sandalwood and pine, the classic and complex flavors of this matriarch of modern marijuana make for a delicious inhale and heavy, heady smoke that’s liable to induce coughing unless consumed with care.

As a landrace strain, you might expect Hindu Kush to be a bit of a brain-number - especially with a THC content of 22%-32% - but she’s actually more likened to modern-day hybrid strains, producing a high-altitude cerebral effect that lets the mind meander into lazy contemplation, and the body sink down into a heavy, relaxed state of calm.

Capable of improving mental and physical ailments alike, this mother-strain is popular for relieving chronic pain symptoms and easing psychological burdens with her uplifting, positive head-high, and analgesic, couchlocking body-stone.

A heavy-yielding regular strain, Hindu Kush Regular is hardy and sturdy enough to thrive indoors and out, remaining small in stature throughout her growth cycle. She’ll flower in around 6 to 8 weeks, requiring only some trimming of her wide leaves to ensure she gets proper light and air. At harvest time, you can congratulate yourself on a job well done with 400 to 500 grams of frosty buds per square meter.

Flavor and Fragrance of Hindu Kush Regular

Hindu Kush’s flavor-profile is a dense and complex combination of spicy muskiness, sandalwood, and sweet pine. These notes blend together to form an aroma that’s reminiscent of fresh, damp earth, which is intensified when the herb is burned.

Inhaling a toke of this stuff will fill your mouth with a floral, herby flavor and emit the sweet scent of fresh charas. Entrancing as this might be, this is a strain that’s best enjoyed in small doses, and small drags are recommended since her pungent smoke is thick and heavy enough to induce coughing.


A 100% pure Indica, Hindu Kush Regular is unlike other Indicas and Indica variants available, as her effects are less of the numbing variety and more of the slow-building, contemplative kind.

Unusually for a landrace strain, a joint of Hindu Kush is capable of taking you on a euphoric journey that’s comparable to modern-day hybrid strains, but is entirely naturally occurring. Her high is a cerebral one, and will send your mind soaring into the stratosphere, delivering a mental flight into the bliss that can either turn into a mental fog, or free up the mind for lazy contemplation.

Since the high produced by this strain is a creeping one, you might well be off on a flight to the stars before you realize your body has softened into a sedated, lazy couchlock that simultaneously soothes you and makes you drowsy.

Hindu Kush Regular is a strain that’s recommended for evening or night time smoking, as her body-stone and intense munchies effects are likely to have you midnight snacking and falling straight into a heavy, peaceful slumber.

Medical Uses of Hindu Kush Regular

Since the creeping head-high is the first to hit with Hindu Kush, a few tokes will firstly provide relief from psychological concerns such as anxiety, stress and depression, as these nugs are excellent for nourishing positive thinking and ushering away negative thoughts and emotions.

More commonly, this ganja is utilized for her pain-relieving properties, as she boasts a one-two punch of analgesic and anti-inflammatory abilities that can alleviate the painful symptoms of a variety of ailments, from headaches, migraines and PMS, to rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s.

Since the follow up to Hindu Kush’s intense body-stone is an equally intense hunger, this is a great strain for improving the appetite and the treatment of some symptoms of eating disorders. She’s also a handy gal to have around if you’ve lost your appetite due to chronic illnesses like HIV/AIDS or cancer.

After you’ve eaten your fill, the final effect of this landrace is often the desire to sleep, and if the couchlock and the big meal didn’t already make you drowsy, this herb will - pulling you down into a deep, restful and restorative sleep with ease.

It should be noted that this is marijuana to be consumed in moderation, as her Indica effects are powerful and likely to pull you under if you aren’t careful - leaving you with heightened anxiety, paranoia and dizziness. Milder, more common side effects include dry eyes and mouth, and we recommend staying hydrated before, during and after lighting up.

Growing Hindu Kush Regular

Short and stocky, Hindu Kush Regular is a lateral grower that tends to grow outwards rather than upwards, meaning her fully mature height is no more than 4 feet tall. Dark green, with broad Indica leaves, this specimen will require some growing room and regular trimming to keep her airflow optimal.

Her low center of gravity and squatness makes her a good and sturdy plant, and she has strong branches capable of supporting her large, dense colas without any assistance. These qualities, combined with her hardiness, resilience to pests and disease, high bud production and fast-maturing cycle make Hindu Kush a particularly desirable strain to cultivate.

If maximizing bud production is your intent, we recommend a Sea of Green (SoG) technique, keeping temperatures warm and between 21° and 26°C at all times. Relative Humidity (RH) levels are important too, and these plants will fare better when they’re maintained at between 40% to 50%, then lowered to 30% to 40% for the last two weeks before harvesting. This combination will have your crop thriving, yielding between 400 and 500 grams per square meter in 6 to 8 weeks.

It should be noted that you’ll need to segregate the male and female plants early on in the growth cycle unless you’re cultivating to breed, as these are regular seeds and produce plants of both sexes.

Due to Hindu Kush Regular’s rugged, mountainous origins, she’s a hardy, sturdy strain that can hold her own in unfriendly conditions. Even so, to produce an above-average yield, you need to ensure she has an above-average environment, and as such outdoor growers should keep in mind the temperature and humidity of her environs. Take good care of her out of doors, and this beauty's yield can be boosted up to 450 grams per plant.


Named for the mountainous region between Pakistan and Afghanistan from whence she hails, her rugged heritage has made Hindu Kush Regular a strong and sturdy specimen of marijuana that’s infamous as one of the original, 100% Indica strains.

Favored amongst hashish makers for her generous resin production, her short stature and broad leaves make her an easy strain to handle, even for new growers - and by trimming and pruning to ensure she gets the correct light and air circulation, even newbies can manage a yield of 400 to 500 grams in just 6 to 8 weeks.

A little cough-inducing if you don’t go slow with her, Hindu Kush is nevertheless abundant with complex, earthy flavors that bring to mind sweet incense, pine and a delectable spiciness.

Surprisingly for a landrace strain, the head-high this stuff can deliver is cerebral and uplifting, building to a blissful mind fog in larger doses that allows for peaceful, thoughtful contemplation while your body chills and relaxes, swooping down into a couchlock that you won’t want to argue with.

Favored amongst medicinal marijuana users for her analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Hindu Kush is an excellent pain-relieving strain capable of easing the chronic pain of rheumatoid arthritis, PMS, migraine, Crohn’s and multiple sclerosis. Her uplifting head-high also makes her a good choice for those struggling with anxiety, stress and depression.

More Information
Strain IconsRegular
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthSeptember
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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