Kush Money



Mo Mo Kush Money!

Welcome, to the SeedSupreme Loyalty Scheme

We know that trust is at a premium when it comes to buying cannabis seeds online; putting your faith in seed bank can be quite a leap. We're grateful for every loyal customer who chooses us to satisfy their weed seed needs, which is why you'll earn a sweet wad of Kush Money to redeem as a discount against your subsequent orders. Collect enough Kush Money and you'll get up to 75% off the cost of your order, on any strains or products you choose.

**Only customers who register an account can earn Kush Money**

New to SeedSupreme?

If you register your account and subscribe to the newsletter before completing your first order you'll earn 600 Kush Money to redeem against it. That's a discount straight away.

Already a registered member?

Start earning! You'll earn Kush Money on every order you make with us. The more you spend the more you earn, big orders earn Mo Kush Money!

Invite friends to become members of SeedSupreme, you'll earn points when they register an account and points from every order they make, forever! You can invite people to join by email, direct from your account. That's easy Kush Money right there (referrals must register an account, max 10 referrals per day).

Get involved! Leaving product reviews, tagging strains and referring family or friends to join SeedSupreme all earn Kush Money rewards!

Anywhere you see this symbol:

You can earn Kush Money!

ActionKush Money RewardsNotes
Register a customer account 500 Register Now!
Subscribe to our newsletter 100 Email address must be registered with an account before subscribing
Buy Seeds 5 per £1 spent Excludes shipping
Refer friends and family 30 points when they register and then earn 5% of ALL their future orders! Referrals must register an account (max 10 referrals per day)
Post Strain Reviews 200 2 reviews per day, must be accepted
Tag Strains 50 per tag 3 per day, Tags are moderated, no spamming
Birthday 500 Just tell us your birthdate when you register and we'll make sure you get a birthday treat.

Note: You must be logged into your account to earn Kush Money from any of these actions.


Kush Money burning a hole in your pocket? Must be time to spend it! You'll receive a £1 discount for every 200 you redeem.

Any time you place an order you can redeem some or all of your Kush Money against the cost of your seeds (up to 75% off your order total!).
Just select the amount of Kush Money you want to spend when checking out with your latest order and it will be automatically deducted from your payment total.

Please note, you must be logged in before going to check-out in order to spend Kush Money

N.B., SeedSupreme Seed Bank reserve the right to remove from customer accounts any Reward Points which we believe to have been obtained fraudulently. For example through exploiting an unknown bug in the reward scheme, farming false tags and reviews or any other potential dishonest method. Any orders placed at discount using reward points obtained in such a manner may also be cancelled and refunded at our discretion.