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Fusing classic highs and flavors with a modern strain that twists her high into an enhanced cerebral affair, Lyly Sour x Blue OG Feminized is a gorgeous ganja specimen that exhibits the very best of her parent strains...

Sour Berries & Cerebral Stimulation

Bud Basics

A long time, well-loved legend in the cannabis community, Blue OG gets her dynamic genetics from OG Kush, Blue Moonshine and an F3 Blueberry phenotype - which brings her beautiful bag-appeal and sundry of fruity flavors to the table as the parent strain of this marijuana mama: Lyly Sour x Blue OG Feminized.

Blended with Blue OG is a fairly unheard of strain, Lyly Sour, known for her complex terpene profile, which contributes fuel and citrus notes to this crossbreed, along with an enhanced cerebral high. The resultant strain induces happiness and relaxation ideal for socializing, as she’s not too overwhelming with THC levels of around 17%.

A few tokes of Lyly Sour x Blue OG will take a minute or two to set in, but you’ll be so busy enjoying the velvet smoke and blueberry flavors that you’ll hardly notice. Once this stuff truly gets going, your senses will be heightened, your mind cleared and your mood lifted while your body basks in bliss.

These recreational effects are what makes the medical marijuana (MMJ) community the perfect place for this strain, since she’s capable of relieving moderate pain and has a bounty of benefits to be put to use by those suffering from stress or mood disorders.

Due to her lineage, the growth patterns of Lyly Sour x Blue OG make her compact and simple to manage. Minimal experience is required, so newbies are likely to do well cultivating this strain - even simpler with feminized seeds.

Keeping her height under control is key - as is keeping an eye out for molds - but otherwise she’s easy to maintain and will quickly flourish to leave you with a mighty yield.

Flavor and Fragrance of Lyly Sour x Blue OG Feminized

Breaking apart these buds, you’ll be greeted with the fruity scent of fresh, ripe blueberries. Underpinned with slightly bitter, acidic notes reminiscent of gasoline, the combination is fairly dank.

Once ground and rolled up, the flavor of Lyly Sour x Blue OG becomes even earthier, burning to release a smooth and velveteen smoke.


Whilst you’re busy savoring the earthen, fruity flavors of Lyly Sour x Blue OG Feminized, her creeping high will sneak in within a few minutes, manifesting first as a tingling in the temples and around the eyes, like a faint halo around your head and face. This will take a few minutes to really set in, but soon the stimulation will spread inward to the mind, quickly increasing your sensitivity by heightening your senses, coloring your surroundings more vividly and amplifying sound.

As Lyly Sour x Blue OG Fem’s high continues to build, you’ll notice your mentality sharpening, and remaining sharp - this is the effect of the balance between Indica and Sativa in this strain, boosting energy through the body and mind to keep your muscles relaxed and grounded while your mind soars free and clear.

The uplifted buzz of this weed can be an excellent conversation starter - if a deep and insightful conversation is what you’re after. A choice herb for social gatherings, the liveliness and vigor a hit of this provides is great for sharing.

Medical Uses of Lyly Sour x Blue OG Feminized

The therapeutic effects of Lyly Sour x Blue OG are diverse and wide-reaching, ranging from psychological (due to her mood-lifting properties) to analgesic (due to her muscle relaxing properties).

Capable of relieving stress and a natural antidepressant, this is a weed that works wonders at bringing comfort and relief to those suffering from stress, depression and mood disorders.

Bringing focus and stability to scattered and harassed minds, the euphoria brought on with a few tokes of this ganja can induce a state of happiness that assists those struggling with ADHD by providing a steadying hand - boosting concentration and smoothing out disjointed thought processes.

Due to the energizing effects of this strain, those suffering with chronic fatigue may find freedom in a hit of this herb, as the relaxation in her high also brings a light and bright state of mind to the forefront. Furthermore, the soothing properties of Lyly Sour x Blue OG Fem can be of great benefit as an analgesic for mild to moderate pain, including back pain, migraines, muscle cramps and arthritis (to name a few).

With anti-emetic properties, this cannabis can be of aid to those struggling with nausea - particularly since in combination with the hunger pangs of the munchies she’ll induce, you’ll not only be able to eat, but to keep food down quite comfortably, if you’re struggling with lack of appetite.

Growing Lyly Sour x Blue OG Feminized

Since Lyly Sour x Blue OG Feminized is the offspring of Blue OG, the excellent growth patterns her parent is famed for is present in this plant too, and this strain combines the compact side of an Indica with the better calyx-to-leaf ratio of a Sativa. This double whammy means that controlling the height of these plants is a simple affair, and should space be limited, she responds well to topping.

But back to the beginning - these all-fem seeds have a high germination rate and should sprout quickly before being transferred to a hydroponic growing system or organic soil - either will work favorably.

A Sea of Green (SoG) setup is a good idea to help reduce the growth cycle whilst keeping the yield as high as possible, as multiple plants growing and receiving the maximum light possible will considerably boost the production of buds and the development of trichomes.

In her internodal spacing, the foliage of Lyly Sour x Blue OG Fem isn’t as dense and compact, but that doesn’t mean she’s not susceptible or at risk from molds, especially when humidity levels are higher than optimal. As such, these plants require training, to ensure the lower branches and dying/dead leaves are pruned and removed to improve air circulation and healthier distribution of nutrients to all living parts of the plant.

This strain will flower from anywhere between 7 to 10 weeks, to produce gorgeous nugs heavily coated in sparkling, frosty resin. If conditions are kept optimal throughout the growth period, you could be looking at a harvest of up to 500 grams of buds per square meter.

Grown outdoors, Lyly Sour x Blue OG favors a semi-humid, warm and sunny environment. Summer is the best time to sow her seeds in cooler regions, though we’d recommend doing this in pots so that the crop can be relocated when the weather worsens. Harvest should fall in the first few weeks of October, and you can reap a yield of up to 600 grams per plant.


Fusing classic highs and flavors with a modern strain that twists her high into an enhanced cerebral affair, Lyly Sour x Blue OG Feminized is a gorgeous ganja specimen that exhibits the very best of her parent strains.

Ripe blueberry aromas are blended with sour citrus and fuel notes that combine deliciously as this herb is combusted, keeping your tongue dancing until her slow-building high hits and carries you away on a wave of euphoria that sets the mind buzzing and the body melting.

Lyly Sour x Blue OG nugs are huge and fantastically fragranced, glistening with resin once they’re matured and ready to cure - and plants are easy enough to bring to maturity, with little chance of pesky males and an easy growth cycle.

Of course, once she’s dried and ready to smoke, it’s not just recreational users that will covet these buds - medicinal consumers can take comfort in her pain-relieving properties and calming traits that ease and soothe mental concerns from stress to ADHD.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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