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Insomnia, the curse of sleeplessness. There aren't many things more frustrating and debilitating than an inability to sleep: We need sleep to heal, to recharge and to order our mental processes. Whether it is related to an illness, psychological disorder or side-effect of medication, insomnia can lead to physical and mental breakdown. Sleeping tablets can leave one drowsy, fogged or ultimately addicted and can have a severely detrimental effect on quality of life. Luckily there's nothing more soothing and sleep inducing than a good Cannabis Indica; the body's endocannabinoid system is strongly linked to sleep regulation so CBD rich strains work wonders, but THC is heavily implicated in relaxation and falling asleep quicker. If you're wary of the side effects of prescription drugs then buy some Medical Marijuana seeds and try growing your own medicine with SeedSupreme Seed Bank today.

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