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OG Kush x Mazar Feminized is full with fragrance, bursting with dank and spicy notes that warm the throat before her sweet cerebral Sativa effects envelop the mind to induce euphoria. A well-balanced herb...

More well-balanced than most celebrity children...

Bud Basics

If the weed world had celebrities, OG Kush and Mazar would be on the A-list. Their love-child would be ridiculously named for a fruit or an animal. They would have a television show where nothing ever happened and everyone was rich. Thankfully, on the 420 scene, a celebrity hybrid is somewhat simpler, a little bit less crazy and far more enticing to behold.

OG Kush x Mazar Feminized is full with fragrance, bursting with dank and spicy notes that warm the throat before her sweet cerebral Sativa effects envelop the mind to induce euphoria. A well-balanced herb, her high reflects that, and her Indica side soon catches up to ensure the heaviest, most relaxing body-stone of your life is soon upon you.

Medically, the mind can be relieved temporarily from cares and worries, smoothing away stress and aiding anxiety until you can’t help but smile and relax - and relax you will, once your pains are washed from your muscles by OG Kush x Mazar.

Displaying classic Indica growth traits, these heavy colas are laden with sticky resinous buds that scream potent even as they emit their dank and funky aroma all over your grow room. Some support for her branches and plenty of compost tea is required for this ganja to really grow to her full potential, but all-in-all, her feminized seeds and simple needs make this hybrid a delight to grow.

Flavor and Fragrance of OG Kush x Mazar Feminized

A penetrating and enveloping aroma, OG Kush x Mazar Feminized is strong, dank and sweet in scent with a delicious hint of spiciness that’s tantalizing and warm.

In taste, this fragrance continues, peppery with notes of pine that linger on the tongue alongside flavors of sandalwood, incense and sage to create an overall herbal impression.


Though mostly Indica in make-up, OG Kush x Mazar Fem is well-balanced in her effects and is poised to deliver the very best of both worlds in only a few tokes. Long-lasting and all-body encompassing, her 22% THC content is best aimed at veterans and seasoned smokers.

As you’d expect, the Sativa side starts the show, kicking in as a mild buzz that only intensifies as time goes on, slowly building to a sensation of euphoria that pushes negative mindsets right from your head, overpowering them with happy, uplifted feelings that guarantee a smile.

Ideal for the early evening or afternoon, OG Kush x Mazar soothes and calms the body once her Indica effects take hold, freeing the muscles, joints and ligaments from tenderness and tension while weighing you down with a slight feeling of lethargy that’s mild enough not to inhibit movement.

With high THC strains, there’s always a risk of adverse side effects, and this weed is no different. To ensure things stay positive, keep your doses low and the pace slow. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are always likely but can be remedied with plenty of water. But for those not used to THC - be they newbies or those who are particularly sensitive - lightheadedness, dizziness, paranoia and anxiety can also be an unwanted effect. As such, we’d suggest starting with a milder strain.

Medical Uses of OG Kush x Mazar Feminized

Evenly divided in effect between her Indica and Sativa genetics, and with minimal side effects (unlike many modern synthetic drugs sold over the counter), this hybrid can provide relief from various ailments, both physical and psychological.

OG Kush x Mazar Feminized begins with a cerebral kick that’s potentially perfect for those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD due to the happy high it provides, removing all remnants of melancholy from the mind.

While your brain is taking in its newfound worry-free state, the body can then experience the potent analgesic effects of this herb. Pain, tension and tenderness begin to fade, replaced with a blissful lack of agony - ideal for the temporary relief of migraines, arthritis pains and fibromyalgia symptoms.

As with many strains of ganja, OG Kush x Mazar Fem can bring on hunger pangs in any toker, be they recreational or in the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community. For cancer patients struggling with chemotherapy-induced nausea and lack of appetite, or those with eating disorders, this can be a welcome reprieve.

For those with chronic fatigue or insomnia looking for an herb to help them recharge, the sedating effects of this strain can be of great therapeutic benefit, as within hours of toking OG Kush x Mazar, a feeling of drowsiness will set in that might have you sleeping straight through the next day - so set aside some time to catch up.

Growing OG Kush x Mazar Feminized Seeds

Despite being a hybrid, OG Kush x Mazar Feminized looks much like Mazar to grow, with dense and gluey buds coated in resin in an almost identical manner. She’s also a pungent lady, leaving a dank aroma in the air that warrants the use of an air filtration system for indoor growers, and outdoors might not make for the most subtle of strains.

OG Kush x Mazar likes to be well-fed, and favors a compost tea sprayed straight into her thick foliage to thrive. This nutrient-rich technique also effectively prevents the formation of powdery mildew in her rich leaves.

In a controlled setting, this plant prefers cozy temperatures between 68° and 80°F, with Relative Humidity (RH) levels of around 40% to 60%.

These seeds are already feminized, with a low chance of males in the batch, so pollination shouldn’t be a concern - and if you’re intending to maximize yield size, then a low-stress training (LST) method combined with a Sea of Green (SOG) technique should do the trick.

If kept in ideal environments and properly managed, OG Kush x Mazar Fem should provide you with around 1.96 ounces of tasty, tasty buds per square foot after 8 to 10 weeks.

With roots in Afghanistan, it’s understandable that this ganja thrives in the great outdoors, and will even flourish in northern parts of Europe if restricted to the warmer months of the year.

Anywhere with plenty of sunshine will do, and for bushier growth we would recommend topping her, and ensuring that each plant is appropriately distanced so that each can get the light and airflow needed to grow. A trellis can also be a great idea to make sure your plants can support their massive colas, and by late October, growers can expect up to 21 to 28 ounces of nugs per plant.


Though rarer than a celebrity love-child, OG Kush x Mazar Feminized is far more sought after, and significantly more well-loved. Still, if you struggle to find her in dispensaries, the solution is at hand - grow your very own stash at home with all-fem seeds, so you can enjoy the dank and spicy-sweet flavors of this herb for yourself.

Well-balanced in her Sativa and Indica effects, the former hits with a soaring cerebral high that makes way for enough happy thoughts to satisfy Peter Pan and follows with an Indica-led body-stone that rivals the sedation of Sleeping Beauty. But enough with the fairytale references - the real magic in this marijuana isn’t just in her recreational capabilities, but her medicinal ones, sure to alleviate the pain of many maladies and enliven the mind with mood-boosting effects.

Most growers with moderate experience will be able to manage OG Kush x Mazar with ease, though her nutrient needs are fairly specific, and her dense buds make for heavy colas that require some support. Still, she’ll thrive indoors or out and for a smaller sized strain, her harvests are healthy and quick to come by - now that’s a happy thought.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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