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    Everything about Orange Skunk Feminized screams temptation, from her tantalizing and refreshing orange flavors and gently uplifting head-highs to her therapeutic benefits and easy to cultivate grow traits...

    Tempting & Tantalizing Tangy Tastes

    Bud Basics

    A famously zesty Californian strain, Orange Skunk Feminized is well-loved not only in her home state, but across the world for her fruity orange aroma and tangy flavor, balanced by the complex notes she inherits from her Skunk #1 ancestry.

    First debuting to the cannabis community in the 90s, you’re unlikely to find a dispensary or coffeeshop that’s without this wicked weed, and for growers looking to try new strains, now is the time to give this ganja a go, with seeds that are fully-feminized.

    Inheriting not only the delightfully fruity flavors of California Orange, but the clear-headed highs too, this herb also develops into a calming body-buzz that’s borrowed from parent Skunk #1 to create a well-balanced hybrid.

    Medically, the uplifting effects of this weed can work wonders for tokers seeking reprieve from psychological conditions such as stress, anxiety or depression - in addition to working to relieve pain for those with physical ailments.

    Growing this ganja is a simple enough affair, as though Sativa-leaning, this weed has a fast flowering time and yields a huge bounty. Indoor growers will have no trouble managing this strain, and those cultivating outdoors will find that she’s hardier than she appears, capable of surviving cooler climates to still provide a hefty harvest.

    Flavor and Fragrance of Orange Skunk Feminized

    Considered in the cannabis community to be one of the most fragrant and delicious smelling strains available, Orange Skunk Feminized is an incredibly refreshing marijuana experience. Abundant with tangy citrus orange aromas that are perfectly tempered with skunky notes - this herb is a hit with veterans looking for a more complex, mature strain that still has all the modern fruitiness of a hybrid.

    In flavor, this skunky orange taste continues, delivering a smoke that’s citric and musky, and leaves a spicy note on the tongue as you exhale.


    Sativa-heavy with a moderate 14% THC content, Orange Skunk Fem is gentle enough in her mind to not overwhelm newbies, but still induces a strong feeling of euphoria that brings on waves of creative energy while honing your focus.

    Some tokers report this boost of concentration to be laser-like in its intensity and leaves you with a strong motivation to get shit done, since this herb also energizes and boosts vigor to encourage productivity.

    For office workers, this can be a great choice of strain, but for creative types, this herb is heaven itself, sure to act as a muse for your next masterpiece within a few tokes.

    As a mood enhancing strain, you’ll struggle to keep a smile from your face for hours after a joint of Orange Skunk, as she’ll uplift you into a happy, cheerful state that’s not only beneficial for the work day, but great in social situations.

    When the cerebral effects of these buds begin to wind down, the Indica side will crank things up a little with a relaxing tingling sensation that begins at the back of your neck and works its way down to stretch across your body, calming you all over. In all likelihood, a long and restful sleep will follow this up.

    Still, side effects are always a possibility with all varieties of cannabis. This herb may bring on dry, bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth, but this can be avoided if you stay hydrated before, during and after smoking this stuff. In those more sensitive to THC or new to marijuana, these nugs could induce dizziness, increase anxiety or paranoia.

    Medical Uses of Orange Skunk Feminized

    Orange Skunk Feminized can be effectively used by the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community to alleviate arthritis, muscle spasms, back pain, headaches and migraines due to the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties this pot provides alongside her relaxing nature.

    For those with more psychological concerns than physical, the upbeat disposition and mood-enhancement that results from a joint of this ganja are more than satisfactory to temporarily relieve patients of stress, anxiety and depression by shifting the mind away from negative thoughts and ushering in more pleasant, happy ones.

    For those struggling with nausea or a lack of appetite (be that chemotherapy-induced or due to an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia), the strong hunger pangs induced by this cannabis can be an effective method for rebuilding appetite and restoring nutrition to the system.

    Growing Orange Skunk Feminized Seeds

    Though a Sativa-heavy hybrid, Orange Skunk Feminized has a quick flowering time and can thrive in almost any location - even when conditions are harsh - to yield a marvelous amount of marijuana that never fails to delight.

    As this plant matures, you’ll notice that her dense, oval-shaped nugs are sticky with a thick layer of frosty trichomes across her amber pistils. Growing these beauties in colder conditions (particularly towards the end of the flowering period) can improve the bag appeal by turning that foliage a lovely purple-mauve shade that perfectly complements the strain's stunning green hues.

    Growing Orange Skunk indoors, cultivators should remember that to improve ventilation and light penetration, this plant requires regular pruning and trimming.

    With seeds that are already feminized for your convenience, there’s no need to worry about removing males from your crops, and she blooms for between 8 and 10 weeks before maturing enough to be ready for harvesting. Final yields tend to be around 1.96 to 2.3 ounces of buds per square foot.

    Outdoor growers will find this plant thrives in a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate, but that’s not to say that she won’t grow well in cooler temperatures, as she can tolerate colder northern weather well enough. In cooler settings, Orange Skunk Fem must be harvested by no later than the last week of November, in order to avoid frosty weather from damaging your crops. If all goes well, your yields will be surprisingly large - around 40.5 ounces of nugs per plant.


    Everything about Orange Skunk Feminized screams temptation, from her tantalizing and refreshing orange flavors and gently uplifting head-highs to her therapeutic benefits and easy to cultivate grow traits.

    Bursting with citrus and skunk flavors, a few tokes of this hone focus and induce a feeling of euphoria that’s impossible not to enjoy. Sativa-leaning, this herb's Indica side still exerts itself to lower you down into relaxation, making for a pain-relieving effect for those looking for medical aid in their marijuana.

    For growers, why try to resist a weed that’s this simple to grow? Though she’s average sized, her yields are anything but average, and she responds well to an indoor or outdoor environment, so there’s no need to set up any special circumstance for her to thrive.

    More Information
    Strain IconsFeminized
    VarietyIndica / Sativa
    Harvest MonthOctober
    Flowering TypePhotoperiod
    Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
    GrowsGrows Indoors
    Plant HeightMedium
    THC ContentMedium (10-15%)
    CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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