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For those looking for flavor, a large bounty and beautiful buds, Original Lemon Pie Feminized ticks every column. Twice. Full of complex lemon and pastry flavors, this beauty loves to enliven, and will energize even the most introverted...

Cannabis that’s Easy as Lemon Pie

Bud Basics

Original Lemon Pie Feminized - sounds delicious, right? Bursting with warm, nutty pastry aromas and the sweet-sour taste of lemons, this weed is worthy of her moniker. Capable of inducing cravings from her flavor alone, she’s not without flair in the effects arena either, with a 22% THC content that’s bound to leave you with a smile on your face.

A three-way hybrid herb owing her traits and characteristics to some of the best strains available, Original Lemon Pie borrows her sweet citrus flavor and Sativa effects from Amnesia Haze herself, pulls a calming Indica influence from Skunk #1, and as for the third… Well, that remains a mystery to the marijuana community, but she’s clearly a winner to have produced this baby.

As for effects, the energizing and enlivening cerebral highs of this pot are potent and great for those who like to live life to the full, with an active lifestyle. Sure to make you the life of any party, social gatherings are improved by the addition of this strain, and Original Lemon Pie Fem can entice any shy toker from their shell.

Those cerebral head-highs can be a great antidote for mental struggles such as stress and depression, sure to lighten the load of those in the medicinal marijuana community looking for a reprieve. She’s also a dab hand at pain relief, with qualities that alleviate various chronic pain symptoms to liberate tokers from the chains of agony.

Growing Original Lemon Pie doesn’t take too much out of you, and is a quick win for newbies looking to learn the art. Some trimming, environmental control and routine maintenance are all that’s required to ensure these beauties thrive indoors or out - and that beauteous buds will bloom into a handsome harvest.

Flavor and Fragrance of Original Lemon Pie Feminized

In aroma, Original Lemon Pie Fem begins to entice with the palatable scent of warm, nutty notes and a hint of spicy herbs. Some will note the subtle fragrance of diesel, adding a richness to this hybrid's complex aroma.

But lighting up this herb is when she truly shines, living up to her name with a sweet and sour citrus lemon balance that bursts across the taste buds.


Sativa-dominant, Original Lemon Pie Feminized is perfect for partnering with an active day, inducing a euphoric high that fills you with the buzz of excitement and enough energy to have you bounding through your tasks.

As a social strain, this translates to an effect that makes you the life of the party, getting you up and moving and jump-starting conversation. Shyness and introversion are no more with this strain, as she’ll have you engaging in no time, up on the dancefloor and bursting with a vibrant personality that attracts others to come and share the fun.

For those with an active lifestyle, Original Lemon Pie can bring that extra bit of vigor to keep you going longer and harder than before, making even chore-heavy days a little more fun. As a cerebral stimulant, this weed can work wonders, boosting energy and enlivening the mind in no time.

Still, as a powerful strain of up to 22% THC content, there can be unfavorable effects if you over consume. Minor side effects considered normal on the 420 scene include red, dry and bloodshot eyes, and cottonmouth - both of which can be ignored or remedied with plenty of water and by ensuring you remain hydrated. If you toke too much, or are sensitive to THC, then the repercussions may be more severe, including headaches, dizziness, increased paranoia or heightened anxiety.

Medical Uses of Original Lemon Pie Feminized

Well regarded as a medicinal strain that can benefit those with mental concerns and more painful, physical disorders, a few tokes of Original Lemon Pie Feminized will provide relief for many, with a few puffs of her flavorful smoke.

Due to her cerebral, uplifting effects, this pot will clear the mind of intrusive, negative thoughts, to liberate those struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD. In addition, Original Lemon Pie can combat a variety of chronic pain disorders, aiding those with muscle spasms, arthritis in their joints, migraines and more.

As this strain has a strong and overwhelming munchies effect, those suffering from nausea and lack of appetite as a side effect of chemotherapy, or symptoms of eating disorders will find that their hunger pangs return with the help of this herb.

Growing Original Lemon Pie Feminized Seeds

Medium-sized, robust and resistant to mold, Original Lemon Pie Feminized is a hassle-free strain to grow for a whole host of reasons. Her sturdy branches are supportive enough for her gorgeous dark green nugs, heavy as they are, and her golden-amber pistils make her a sight to behold - made all the better since she’s a high-yielder.

Little experience is required to cultivate this cannabis, as all that’s required of a grower is a little maintenance of her foliage - trim and prune your crops regularly, and ensure she’s well-fed and watered, and the results will speak for themselves.

For indoor growers, this herb's environment should be kept at a steady, warm temperature of between 21° and 26°C.

These seeds are feminized, so there’s no need to weed out those pesky males to prevent pollination, and after flowering for around 9 to 10 weeks, Original Lemon Pie will yield around 500 grams of tasty lemon buds per square meter.

Grown alfresco, this hybrid will flourish out in the sunshine of a warm and humid Mediterranean-esque climate. Still, she’ll prosper well enough in a cooler climate, but should be kept away from adverse weather conditions and frost. Ready for harvest around mid-October, you should be rewarded with a lovely 600 grams of ganja per plant.


For those looking for flavor, a large bounty and beautiful buds, Original Lemon Pie Feminized ticks every column. Twice. Full of complex lemon and pastry flavors, this beauty loves to enliven, and will energize even the most introverted, turning them into a go-getter in only a few tokes.

As a medical strain, this ganja is great for pain relief and for the improvement of psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Cultivating this cannabis at home is a win-win, as her robust and hardy structure lends itself well to novices with little experience, and her final yields are delicious, gorgeous and plentiful.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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