Payment Methods

There are a number of payment methods available from SeedSupreme Seed Bank, all of them are guaranteed to be both discrete and secure. Whichever method you choose, SeedSupreme Seed Bank has made sure payment is easy and always conducted within the secure environment provided by our payment service providers.



Bitcoin Payments (Up to 20% discount!)

Seed Supreme are happy to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. We know that souvenir seed collectors value their privacy and we think Bitcoin is the perfect payment option for buying seeds. Bitcoin is a digital currency that means you can make purchases without involving any bank, credit card or other 3rd party. The state of the art, military-grade encryption means when you use Bitcoin nobody but you and Seed Supreme knows what you are buying.

After placing your order online (selecting Bitcoin as payment method) we will provide our Bitcoin payment information to you, including the converted Bitcoin price and the transaction address. Just follow the instructions on the screen or in the order confirmation email.

For more information visit the Bitcoin site.

For easy purchasing of Bitcoins check out or

Need to set up a wallet first?

Please see our Support article for even more hints tips and links -


Digital Wire Transfer (Up to 20% discount!)

Wire Transfer is a popular alternative to paying by card, while having a small fee it is much cheaper and faster than an international bank transfer. You may not have a personal checking account, so a cash deposit like this is a great option. You may have a personal checking or current account, but would rather not use it to fund your seed purchase. Even though it is safe to pay via any option to SeedSupreme Seed Bank, many people would just prefer not to do so from their personal checking accounts. A cash or bank transfer option like Wire Transfer or Digital Bank Transfer is a good option if this is the case.

Worldwide Bank Transfer (Up to 20% discount!)

SeedSupreme Seedbank allows you to pay by bank transfer (either conducted via internet banking or by telephone).

We recognise that from some places this might involve paying a transaction charge, therefore we are happy to offer discounts on all purchases made by bank transfer.

7.5% on orders up to £100 | 10% on orders over £100 | 15% on orders over £200 | 20% on orders over £400

Name and order number must be added to all transfers!.


Check or Cash By Mail (Up to 20% discount for cash!)

SeedSupreme Seedbank can also accept payment by check or cash via mail. Simply put the money in a sturdy envelope (obviously, you don't want it falling apart en route), make sure it is correctly stamped or franked, and send it to our address. To make sure that the money is not visible through the envelope, put it between two bits of cardboard, for example, and don't send coins. Also don't forget to include a note with your name and order number. Shipping cash to us remains at the buyers own risk. It is extremely important for the sender to track the envelope, as if it is lost it is out of our control. Finally, please note that paying by check can incur considerable delay as the time it takes for international checks to be confirmed as cleared into our account can be over 2 weeks.

Please make checks payable to: Reina 7

To fill in your check, please use the example below. Fill in the current date when you are filling in the check. Make sure to fill in the amount of the order in both letters and numbers. Also please add your order number to the For or Memo area. Don't forget to sign the check!

If you make a mistake tear up the check and start again, do not cross out or alter the check as they will become void and we will not be able to take them as payment.


Please note: We do not accept Money Orders

We do not accept USPS US National Money Order


Credit Card Payment

SeedSupreme Seedbank accepts payment by Mastercard and Visa from most areas of the world (if this payment method is available to you it will be an option at checkout). To use this method when available, just enter your credit card number, expiry date and the 3-digit security code (CVV/CVC code, on the back of the card) on our payment page. The billing name and address you enter must match the details your card is registered with. When your payment is authorised by the card issuer SeedSupreme Seed Bank can start preparing your order. Please note that in order to be authorised there and then you may need to talk to your bank or credit card provider in advance to let them know you are making a payment to Europe.

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