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If you’re an Indica fan, look not further - the queen has arrived. Heavy-hitting, fast-acting and full of skunky lemon flavors, San Fernando Valley Feminized is the ultimate temptation and a well-known, and trusted name...

The Queen of Indicas

Bud Basics

A hybrid cross between SFV OG and Afghan #1, San Fernando Valley Feminized’s parent are famous and well-loved enough that her emergence onto the 420 scene was smooth sailing and the strain became an instant hit. Award-winning, this Indica-heavy ganja reached 3rd place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012, and fully earned the title.

Sweet and fruity with a dank, skunky scent, these buds are pungent even while your plants are still in the pot, and for this strain the strength of her aroma is fairly indicative of her potency.

San Fernando Valley Fem has THC levels that reach up to a whopping 25%, and hits just as fast and hard as you’d expect. Even veteran tokers will find themselves spaced out and happy as hell after a couple of drags, enveloped in a blanket of bliss and calm that locks you to the couch, prevents mobility and eventually sends you off to dreamland.

Cannabis cultivators will love the Indica-heavy growth traits of this herb, and San Fernando Valley is a breeze to grow for beginners and old hands alike. Robust, resilient and compact enough to require little in the way of support, just feed her plenty and keep her environment tip-top to grow her into some fairly prolific yields.

Flavor and Fragrance of San Fernando Valley Feminized

Combining several seemingly contrasting but actually harmonizing elements, San Fernando Valley Feminized begins to emit her wonderful aroma when she’s still in the grow room. These immensely resinous buds emit a dank skunky scent, mixed with musty loam and a fair helping of tropical fruitiness.

After this pot is dried and cured, her fruit notes become more defined, releasing a sweet-sour lemon fragrance when broken apart that’s still evident when combusted. Coating the tongue with her citrus notes, a subtle trace of pine will become notable amongst the medley of sweet and sour flavors.


A potent strain at 22% average THC, San Fernando Valley Fem is one for the seasoned smokers, and not one to be trifled with.

Her soaring, stratosphere-skimming high is fast-hitting, and will kick in within moments of your first toke, leaving you dazed and confused, but definitely in a good way.

While your mind relaxes in this little bubble of joy, you’ll find your senses are heightened, as colors grow brighter and more vivid, sounds become amplified and more melodic and your worldview just gets better. This is accompanied by an uplifted mood, happier outlook and a mental state that borders on sheer bliss.

Hard-hitting as she is, this herb probably isn’t the strain for those who need to remain active throughout, as she can be more than a little overpowering. In fact, her deeply relaxing, joyous high will likely incapacitate you entirely, and within a few hours of lighting up, you’ll find yourself lulled down to slumber, no matter how well seasoned you are.

Like most strains, this cannabis is likely to cause dry, red eyes and cottonmouth for most tokers, though this can be alleviated by staying hydrated throughout your session. For those who over-consume, more adverse effects may be on the cards, including headaches, dizziness, heightened anxiety and increased paranoia. This is particularly relevant for those with low tolerances, or new to smoking weed.

Medical Uses of San Fernando Valley Feminized

As with many Indica-leaning marijuana strains, San Fernando Valley Fem is commonly used by those in the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community to aid those with a variety of chronic pain disorders. Potent as both an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory, this pot can provide relief from the symptoms of migraines, arthritis and glaucoma.

Though there’s only a touch of Sativa in this stuff, her cerebral push is still strong enough to combat and treat mental illnesses due to her uplifting, mood-enhancing effects. Those struggling with mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, stress, anxiety or depression will find solace in this pot.

Many varieties of weed will induce serious hunger pangs (usually referred to as the munchies), and this strain is no different. A popular choice for tokers with eating disorders or nausea as a side effect of chemotherapy, this herb will help to overcome a lack of appetite.

Since even veteran smokers will find this stuff sends them to sleep as the high winds down, these sedating effects can be used to induce drowsiness and eventually slumber in those suffering from insomnia.

Growing San Fernando Valley Feminized Seeds

Robust and Indica-leaning, San Fernando Valley Feminized is a straightforward strain to cultivate, and is suitable for growers with any experience level to try their hand due to her sturdy branches and resilience to most common diseases, pests and molds.

As you’d expect with any plant, the quality and quantity of these buds and yield size is entirely dependent on the way she’s reared. Her buds tend to be medium to large in size, and though already potent on their own, their resin production can be increased by ensuring her pH levels sit between 6.0 and 6.5, and that your plants receive plenty of nutrients.

Organic soil of hydroponics will work equally well for indoor growers, though again this depends on your preference. Hydroponics for explosive growth, organic soil if you’re trying to improve her terpene profile.

A Sea of Green (SOG) setup of at least 4 plants will also help to increase yields, meaning that when fully mature, you should be able to yield around 1.14 ounces of nugs per square foot following 8 weeks of flowering. However, waiting another two weeks will give the buds time to reach full potency.

Outdoor growers will find San Fernando Valley’s all-fem seeds will thrive in warm locations with plenty of sun and a gentle breeze - think Southern Europe and the Meditteranean. Since she already has Indica genes present, she’ll also prosper in cooler climates provided the timing is right and the coldest seasons are avoided. In the northern hemisphere, she’ll be ready for harvesting by the end of October, with yields coming in at between 14 and 17 ounces per plant.


If you’re an Indica fan, look not further - the queen has arrived. Heavy-hitting, fast-acting and full of skunky lemon flavors, San Fernando Valley Feminized is the ultimate temptation and a well-known, and trusted name.

Probably not for newbies, since these THC levels can knock flat even the most seasoned of smokers. Though, that’s not to say this herb should be avoided - far from it. This delicious pot is a prime example of top shelf Indica-heavy hybrid breeding, and her soaring cerebral effects and serious couchlocking body-stone are not to be missed.

An evening strain, or one for blissed-out weekends, the potent relaxing properties of this herb work wonders for those seeking pain relief from mental or physical symptoms. She’s also a hassle-free strain to cultivate at home, thriving in any grow room, substrate or environment thanks to her hardy and resilient genes, and all-fem seeds removing the worry of pollination.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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