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ALLSTAR Genetics

Cannabis seeds from allstar genetics

Allstar Genetics are Amsterdam based breeders with a long history of growing, breeding and collecting plants for the old established seed companies.

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When they struck on their own it was to great success, combining there old school collections with new genetics to create some incredibly interesting hybrids. They work with a group of medical users and growers to test the efficiency of all their strains and to independently verify their test results.

The number of strains is relatively small with 7 currently available (though in regular and feminized versions), but this allows Allstar Genetics to maintain high quality levels in the seeds and the plants themselves. Check out the Cannabis Cup Winner El Cid for a great example of what these guys do best, super potent smoke, highly stable cannabis seeds, all full of pure dankness. Get your hands on these beautiful marijuana seeds now from SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

Allstar Genetics is an established and reputable seed producer, owned and operated by a team of renowned experts with decades of combined experience.  Committed to the research and development of superior recreational and medicinal strains alike, Allstar Genetics has enriched the commercial cannabis scene worldwide with the introduction of several exclusive strains unavailable anywhere else.

Old-School Meets New-Generation

 “As today Allstar Genetics is official and with our old school and new genetics that we collected in all these years we try to make as much variety as possible so that every strain is special. Allstar Genetics seeds are constantly produced in small batches to ensure that only fresh seeds are sold and germination rate is high. All our seeds are guaranteed fresh unlike many other seed companies that buy there seeds from independent growers we create strains and produce the seeds ourselves.” - All Star


The team responsible for Allstar Genetics hadn’t actually intended to set up as a seed company, but instead contribute to the success of others on the Amsterdam growing scene. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for the capabilities of the company’s now-owners to attract the attention of established and influential cultivators at home and abroad.

Over the years, Allstar Genetics has invested heavily in the research and development of new and innovative strains unlike anything else on the market.  Rather than producing dozens or even hundreds of generic strains, Allstar Genetics has instead set its sights on perfecting just a small handful of flawless phenotypes.

Today, Allstar Genetics and its signature strains are a staple in the vast majority of quality coffee shops across Amsterdam and beyond. Rare, prestigious and sought-after in the extreme, every strain produced by Allstar Genetics is the ultimate ‘old-school meets new-generation’ specimen for the discerning cannabis connoisseur.

A Compact Collection of Comprehensive Quality

“The ASG line up at this moment consists of 8 strains that we developed over the last years. Like most seed companies we can offer more varieties (but these strains at this point are not developed enough ) so they will not be released till after passing our breeding program. The goal was to create winning strains that are totally different overall, and instead of creating more strains we work on our current line up.” - Allstar Genetics

With most typical seed producers, extensive collections of dozens or even hundreds of strains are the norm. The issue being that in far too many instances, quality takes a back seat to quantity. As does innovation, often overlooked for the sake of prioritising expansion.

At Allstar Genetics, it’s an entirely different story. To date, this unique and dynamic seed producer has put out a compact collection of just eight signature strains. In all instances, each of these strains is 100% exclusive to Allstar Genetics and has never been produced by any other breeder. In addition, each of these eight strains has been enriched, refined and stabilised in the course of several years, in order to guarantee exceptional results with every grow.

Whether looking for something to blow your mind or simply pass the time with on a lazy afternoon, you’ll find everything you could wish for within the current Allstar Genetics collection. Here’s a brief overview of the company’s accomplishments to date:

El Cid

A remarkable strain engineered in conjunction with a renowned Spanish breeder, El Cid lives up to its name in more ways than one. A complex and challenging hybrid with beautifully balanced genetics, El Cid was engineered by combining Morrocan Sativa, Hash Plant and Cheese. As you’d expect, the result is an exceptionally powerful and pungent specimen, with the kind of dankness that puts most comparable strains to shame.

El Cid’s 50/50 indica-sativa split makes for a beautifully balanced yet quintessentially heavy high, with generous THC concentrations and huge yields after as little as 70 days. She’s an easy specimen to grow, though performs at her best with a decent amount of TLC.


Also true to its moniker, Zilvermist treats the grower to the most generous and sublime coating of silver-white trichomes when the flowers start doing their thing. Leaning towards the sativa end of the spectrum with a 70/30 split, you can count on Zilvermist to deliver a strong and lasting cerebral high when you’re in need of an instant uplift.

Give Zilvermist plants around 80 days to flower and you’ll be rewarded with up to 500g of usable cannabis for every square metre of grow space, along with a delightfully dank fragrance with just the right amount of fruity sweetness in the background.

King Kong

You wouldn’t expect a shrinking violet with a name like this, and you’d be right. King Kong was created by combining the genetics of Ed Rosenthal Super Bud and Chronic, resulting an uplifting and comforting strain that’s easy to grow from seed in no time at all.

Its predominantly indica genetics make it just the thing for combating everyday aches and pains, while at the same time alleviating stress and anxiety for the duration. King Kong is also said to have surprisingly powerful aphrodisiac properties, making it just the thing to take into the bedroom.


Easy to grow indoors or out, Westside has an enormous following in both recreational and medicinal cannabis circles alike. Particularly when it comes to treating chronic pain and insomnia, this stuff is said to get to work with a near-narcotic effect almost instantaneously. Then again, you’d expect nothing less from an indica-heavy hybrid that combines the genetics of Northern Lights with Afghani.

Exposed to the odd cooler evening here and there, Westside plants have the potential to produce the most gorgeous purple hues as they approach maturity.  All of which adds up to the kind of bag appeal that has to be seen to be believed.


Dubbed a true connoisseur’s strain by the folks at ASG, KushDee has the kind of pungent and potent fragrance that’s an inevitable crowd splitter. Think tons of funky fuel with sweet citrus undertones and you’re just about halfway there.

With its 60% indica genetics, KushDee is known for bringing on a beautifully balanced high that’s as uplifting as it is physically relaxing. Newcomers to cannabis cultivation will have no trouble producing a solid 400g of usable cannabis for every square metre of grow space, after a flowering time of around 65 days.


Anyone on the lookout for the quintessential sativa high will find Kaligria right up their street. Completely contradicting its well-balanced 60/40 sativa-indica split, Kaligria delivers a soaring and uplifting high that lingers for hours. Often with next to no physical effects involved, providing you with the energy and motivation you need to get things done.

Expect one enormous cola punctuated with pretty pink hairs, along with a sweet and inviting fragrance with plenty of fresh fruit in the background. The smoke is dense enough to be satisfying to say the least, but is by no means cough-inducing or difficult to handle.


Balanced, easy to grow and (of course) autoflowering, Automazing consistently delivers the goods in terms of fragrance, flavour and fantastic yields. Ideal for confined indoor grow spaces, Automazing plants are conveniently compact and yet capable of producing plenty of potent bud.

Its Jack Herer linage is evident in the cerebral rollercoaster of a high this stuff brings on, immediately transporting you into a more energised, optimistic and creative state of mind. All of which makes Automazing a simply superb choice for a daytime smoke.

Don Tangelo

Saved fittingly for the final course in our listings, Don Tangelo is as sweet and decadent as any dessert you can think of. With its predominantly indica genetics, Don Tangelo brings on the kind of immediate and lasting body stone that makes it impossible to do very much at all. Not that you’ll want to, as the sense of contentment that accompanies the whole thing is the epitome of pure bliss.

Expect plenty of sweet mandarin flavours and a mouth-watering aftertaste that’ll have you coming back for more. Just be sure to approach Don Tangelo with care if you’ve anything important on your schedule, as it won’t seem quite as important after two modest tokes.

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