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British Columbia Seed Co

marijuana seeds from the british columbia seed company

The British Columbia Seed Company have been going since 1995 and so are amongst the oldest seed companies in North America. They offer great value for money and have a reputation for producing some truly great pure strains and hybrids - check out their legendary Northern Lights #5.

Broadly acknowledged as one of the finest seed producers currently operating in Canada, the British Columbia Seed Company demonstrates consistent commitment to quality, performance and innovation. Along with an extensive library of superior cannabis seeds, British Columbia Seed Company also specialises in the production of CBD products and world-class cannabis oils.

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With a heavy emphasis on genetic quality and highly controlled growing conditions you can be sure that nothing has been bred from hermaphrodite parents and your seeds will all be viable. Get your hands on top notch feminized and regular seeds bred from New & Old world genetics here at SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

Premium Pot from the Professionals

Established almost three decades ago, British Columbia Seed Company is one of the most experienced and celebrated seed producers on the market.  Providing a dynamic catalogue of products for casual growers and commercial cultivators alike, British Columbia Seed Company is a proven innovator in the development and refinement of renowned recreational and medicinal strains.

Among the British Columbia Seed Company’s most popular seeds to date, you’ll find an extensive range of all-time classics and innovative newcomers. Detailed below are a selection of the BCSC’s top-selling strains right now - all of guaranteed quality and exceptional value for money:

White Widow

A staple on the scene since the dawn of commercial cannabis culture, White Widow has been wowing audiences worldwide for more than 30 years.  Engineered by combining the genetics of Brazilian Indica and South Indian Sativa landraces, White Widow has been enhanced and refined exponentially over the decades. Today, this multi award-winning strain boasts an average THC content of approximately 20%, with a heavy-hitting cerebral high nothing else comes close to.

One or two hits and you’re on you way to the ultimate heightened sensory experience, bordering on the psychedelic when hit hard and fast.

Alien Gorilla Glue

The idea behind Alien Gorilla Glue was relatively simple. After all, what could possibly go wrong when combining two exceptionally potent and popular hybrids? Created by combining the genetics of Alien Technology and Gorilla Glue, Alien Gorilla Glue plants burst into life with the most beautiful bright green flowers and a pine-heavy fragrance that permeates every corner of the home.

With a THC content in the region of 24%, this fast-flowering hybrid does the business with a soaring cerebral uplift that quickly gives way to complete incapacitation. The perfect strain for when you’ve nothing to do and all the time in the world to do it.

24K Gold

The combination of Kosher Kush and Tangie gave birth to 24K Gold, which like all good hybrids intensifies and enhances the property of its parent strains.  Bursting with classic kush aromas and just a hint of citrus in the background, 24K Gold delivers a rich and satisfying smoke that lingers on the palate for hours. Speaking of which, the 24% average THC content produces a heavy and long-lasting high, which combines complete physical relaxation with a controllable mood booster for all occasions.

You’ll need a fair amount of space to handle mature 24K Gold plants, though the upside of such oversized specimens is the guarantee of an exceptionally generous yield. Resinous trichome production is also significant, making 24K Gold a great choice for producing hashish or cannabis concentrates.


A perennial favourite that more than lives up to its name, Gelato owes its genetics to two all-time classics - Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC.  Unsurprisingly, the result of this amalgamation is an almost incomparably sweet and enticing fragrance, which translates to a dessert-like flavour with a rich and creamy aftertaste.

One or two hits are all that’s needed to melt away the cares of the day, replacing fatigue and depression with a sense of overwhelming weightiness and sleepiness. THC levels tend to hover around the 20% mark - puncher batches of Gelato can be somewhat overwhelming for the uninitiated. Despite being one of the more expensive strains to pick up commercially, growing Gelato at home from seed is surprisingly straightforward.

Blue Dream

One of the best-selling commercial cannabis strains of all time in the United States, Blue Dream combines the genetics of Blueberry and classic Haze. The result of which is a beautifully balanced hybrid for all occasions, which pairs an immediate and lasting mood-boost with epic amounts of creative energy and a mellow buzz throughout the entire body. With its moderate THC content of around 17%, it’s also an absolutely superb strain for newcomers and anyone with a low THC tolerance.

As an added bonus, Blue Dream is famous for its sweet and enticing blueberry fragrance, which translates to a refreshing and surprisingly light smoke with an irresistible aftertaste. And if all this wasn’t enough, Blue Dream is also a comprehensively easy strain to grow, indoors or out.

Blackberry Kush

Last in our listings, Blackberry Kush from the British Columbia Seed Company is one of the most visually striking strains you’re likely to encounter.  Extensive coverage of greens, yellows and blacks contrast beautifully with the violet buds, which produce vibrant orange pistils for even greater aesthetic effect. On the nose, there’s a distinct berry fragrance with just a hint of fuel in the background, translating to a palatable and smooth smoke that’s rarely cough-inducing.

THC levels rarely exceed 17%, making Blackberry Kush a good choice for new and experienced users alike. The high is predominantly physical, quickly getting to work on the muscles and reaching the extremities in a matter of minutes. There’s also a gentle cerebral uplift to the experience, along with the near-guarantee of relentless and insatiable munchies for the duration.

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