Critical Mass Collective

Critical Mass Collective are exactly what they sound like, a collection of breeders dedicated to reworking and re-imagining that famous cannabis strain, the growers' favourite, Critical Mass. Well loved for it's strong growth, huge yields and hight potency, Critical Mass seemed to be a perfect starting point for a new line being worked on by chief breeder, Critical Lee. He found much to work with in the old school afghan skunk genetics of the Mass and his work joyfully led him to his first great success, the Monster Mass! Critical Lee's work soon took on new legs as he gathered a collective of like-minded breeders who began assembling a new range of super powered Monster Mass based hybrids. Now these strains showcase the ultimate in Critical Mass genetics, keeping every inch of growth and gram of yield while introducing fresh new flavours and effects. Best of all, this dedicated and passionate collective aren't done, so watch this space, right here at SeedSupreme, for an increasing variety of explosive Critcal hybrids, guaranteed to blow you away.

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