Dispensario Seeds

Dispensario Seeds is a new seed bank here at Seed Supreme and is the result of work done for more than 7 years by a group of farmers from different countries and latitudes, they have brought together and shared our best seed and land races collected during a lifetime of travel to canabicos destinations remote, far and wide! Always looking for the purest possible genetic, looking for traditional medicine that has been used for thousands of generations.

Dispensario have also made screens and selections of Canadian plants, plants with high levels of CBD and CBN, they then have crossed with their best genetics getting fabulous results.

After stabilizing any crosses and selecting the best mothers they can now offer this catalog of varieties of medicinal cannabis seeds feminized 100%. With all warranty and product quality, packaging, germination, stability, homogeneity, productivity.

Today, Dispensario Seeds cooperate in various studies on alternative medical therapies, doctors and professionals providing our best genetic varieties of cannabis developed exclusively for its high content of CBD.

This cannabinoid is currently being intensively studied by scientific, medical and pharmaceutical communities worldwide.

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