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Flavour Chasers

Cannabis seeds from Flavour Chasers

Flavour Chasers originated in England with a team of breeders sick of not being able to find or work with the greatest flavors coming out of the USA. When Cali went legit they rushed across the pond and started a journey to find and breed the tastes they had been missing out on, with an aim to bring them back to the UK and Europe. They grow cannabis for seed in the heart of California to make sure all those previously 'clone-only' marijuana strains are available to all those non-US residents who have been missing out for years! Homemade crosses of the most popular strains have been perfected through long years of precise selective breeding and their 'hybrid hunter team' keeps the flavors fresh with a constant search for the next big thing.

One of few major international names to focus heavily on the UK market, Flavour Chasers is continuously in pursuit of pure pleasure. Uninterested in the generic and uninspiring strains available in the UK, the Flavour Chasers team made a beeline for California in search of bigger and better things.

Today, Flavour Chasers is famed for bringing some of the most best cannabis seeds in the business to key markets all across Europe. Committed to quality and enjoyment above all else, the Flavour Chasers ‘mission of mercy’ makes it a standout among many comparable the cannabis seed companies serving British and European markets.

Particularly where flavour and fragrance are concerned, Flavour Chasers is a brand that more than lives up to its name.

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Equality and Accessibility

 “We were sick and tired of not regularly having the "flavour" strains readily available in the UK and Europe and we felt this was unfair on all non US residents!”

“The Flavour Chasers journey has been an adventurous and at times tough one for the team. The idea was born in England with our team having the idea to bring all the best flavours across the pond from the US to the UK and Europe. Although all production is done from the heart of California our journey started way back when in London.” - Flavour Chasers

The Flavour Chasers story begins with the legalization of cannabis in California, at which point a team of ambitious entrepreneurs made a beeline for the West Coast. After unsuccessfully trying to mimic the efforts of America’s most celebrated breeders here in Europe, Flavour Chasers concluded that the only way to get the job done right was to relocate to the US.

And that’s exactly what they did, followed by a subsequent period of experimentation, quality control and strain refinement.

As was the case on day-one, Flavour Chasers continues its mission to bring the most aromatic and flavourful weed on Earth to the masses in a safe, discreet and affordable way. They’ve also upped the ante with their own in-house breeding programmes over the years, resulting in a whole bunch of new strains being added to the mix.

Strains which, like everything on the books at Flavour Chasers, take fragrance and flavour to an entirely higher level.

Flavour Chasers: Top-Selling Strains

Despite being a relatively new seed producer, Flavour Chasers already has an established reputation for the quality and reliability of its products. Popular among home growers and commercial cultivators in legal jurisdictions worldwide, Flavour Chasers has an exclusive series of interesting and innovative strains that are well worth checking out.

Narrowing things down to just a few front runners, the following represent the current top-selling strains from this dynamic newcomer to the scene:

Forbidden Glue

Combining the genetics of three of the most flavourful strains in existence - Zkittlez, Gorilla Glue #4 and Lemon - Forbidden Glue is an indica-leaning hybrid of epic proportions. As the plants reach maturity, the entire fragrance profile is dominated by sharp citrus and a funky fuel undertone, which gives some indication of the punch this stuff packs. Easy to grow indoors and with generous yields guaranteed, Forbidden Glue has a THC content that often exceeds 20%. Its quintessentially indica effects hit like a ton of bricks after just a couple of heavy hits, after which the near-incapacitating high lingers for hours on end.

Maple Syrup

Boasting approximately 90% indica genetics, Maple Syrup was created by crossbreeding Skunk #1 and Blue Black. One of the sweetest and most decadent strains you’re ever likely to experience, this stuff tastes exactly as its name suggests. Bursting with vivacious vanilla and sultry stickiness, Maple Syrup can bring on a ravenous appetite before the munchies even kick in. The initial effect is one of immediate euphoria and motivation, which quickly descends into uncontrollable giggles and giddiness. After which, a heavy yet controllable body stone gently makes its way from head to toe, motivating little more than laziness and raiding the fridge. With a THC content of approximately 17%, Maple Syrup is ideal for seasoned and inexperienced smokers alike.

Grand Daddy Banner (GDB)

Meld the genetics of Grand Daddy Purple with Bruce Banner and what do you get? Of course, you get Grand Daddy Banner - an indica-heavy hybrid that’s far more than the sum of its component parts. Along with a THC content in the region of around 20%, this stuff can also contain up to 5% CBD. This makes for a beautifully balanced and enjoyable experience, which is just the stuff for alleviating everyday stress and anxiety. Boasting with bright greens and the occasional hint of purple, Grand Daddy Banner plants have a flowering time of approximately eight weeks and produce a moderate yield. An ideal strain for all-round enjoyment and relaxation, with more than its fair share of therapeutic properties.

Gelato #33

Boasting superstar lineage, Gelato #33 was concocted by bringing together the genetics of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Needless to say, the resulting fragrance and flavour profile is borderline breathtaking. Even then, it’s the beautifully balanced nature of Gelato #33 that makes it an unstoppable success story you simply must check out. The high begins with a powerful and motivating cerebral uplift, coupled by a sense of calming relaxation and general contentment. Across the board, Gelato #33 is the epitome of a crowd pleaser that’s perfect for pretty much any occasion.

Banana OG

Last up, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how Banana OG earned its name. Though not particularly evident during cultivation, Banana OG buds burst with fabulous fruity fragrances when properly cured. All of which is dominated by a heavy hint of banana, with just the right amount of skunky dankness in the background. Banana OG was created by combining the genetics of OG Kush and Banana Kush, resulting in a pungent specimen with a THC content of up to 25%. Newcomers be warned - Banana OG is the dictionary definition of a creeper, taking its time to come on and then landing with a serious wallop!

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