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Genehtik Seeds

cannabis seeds from genehtik seeds

Backed by more than three decades of industry experience, Genehtik is a renowned and celebrated Spanish seed producer with an extensive catalog of rare and exclusive strains. Dedicated to the development of fragrant and flavorful cannabis of exceptional power and potency, Genehtik is a multi-award-winning seed producer of widespread critical acclaim.

With regular, feminized and auto-flowering seeds available we're thrilled to be able to offer you the full range of these extremely potent, tasty, award-winning strains, fresh from one of Europe's best, here at SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

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Genehtik seeds has their roots in sunny Spain, where over the years they've been named Best Seed Bank 3 times in a row at Expocannabis, one of the biggest marijuana fairs and trade events in Europe.

They attribute their resounding success to years of hard work on their farm and a lifetime of sharing and discovering genetic information and breeding techniques with other breeders and farmers (both amateur and professional).

Since the late 1990s, Genehtik has been collecting and experimenting with the special and exceptional varieties they came across and started their program to cross them and create new champion strains.

Brand Evolution

Decades of Hard Work and Dedication

Far from a newcomer to the scene, Genehtik has been doing their thing since way before most contemporary seed banks came to be. Boasting an extensive catalog of premium-quality medicinal and recreational strains, Genehtik has spent more than three decades outpacing and outperforming the competition with their relentless commitment to stability and consistency.

In return, any number of top-shelf strains from Genehtik have been recognized with various awards and accolades over the years. Whether chasing the fastest possible yields or looking to grow your own medical marijuana of unbeatable quality, the Genehtik seed collection features something for everyone.

Genehtik Seeds - Nutrient packs

“Our cannabis seedbank GENEHTIK is the result of many years of hard farm work and to share and exchange genetic information and experiences with farmers and breeders (breeders) amateurs and professionals, known and unknown from different countries and continents.

“We have been since the late 90´s keeping very special varieties, true champion in many cases. Test the different crosses with them and other seeds from around the world, we have created our own varieties fully stable and quality.” - (Genehtik)

Hand Selected and Verified Seeds

Genehtik's commitment to quality is reflected in the fact that each and every seed distributed is meticulously hand selected and verified, prior to being packaged. The result of which is one of the best germination rates in the business, along with the guarantee of rock-solid yields from every plant produced.

“In our cannabis seedbank we always guarantee the maximum genetic quality of all our cannabis seeds. Also maintaining the characteristics of the parents and preserving the aromas, flavors and effects.

“Another important factor for us is ensuring stability and vigor both in development and in the structure of the plant. Guaranteeing that practically 100% of our cannabis seeds will offer feminine flowers and resinous buds. All our cannabis seeds are selected and cleaned manually to ensure the highest quality.” - (Genehtik)

Essential Strains

Many of the top-selling strains Genehtik has put out over the years have found their way into the everyday arsenals of established and reputable commercial cultivators on a global basis.

Whether planning on growing a few plants at home or looking for the next big cash-crop as a licensed grower, the following heavy-hitters from these Spanish superstar breeders come consistently highly recommended:

Zuri Widow

Recipient of multiple awards and one of the most powerful Indicas in the collection, the history of Zuri Widow dates back almost 30 years. Over the decades that followed, Zuri Widow was enhanced and improved near-continuously, resulting in a pungent and practically incapacitating Indica-heavy hybrid that’s guaranteed to wipe your memory clean.

Suffice to say, Zuri Widow is just the stuff to turn to if you’ve had the kind of day you’d rather forget about entirely - an immensely powerful plant that’s not to be underestimated.

Super Silver Bilbo

Also in production for more than 20 years and refined continuously along the way, Super Silver Bilbo is a Sativa-heavy hybrid that has many of the visual characteristics of an Indica.

The fragrance and flavor is quintessentially Haze through and through, with plenty of exotic incense and a spicy peppery aftertaste that lingers on the palate for hours. Energizing and uplifting in the extreme, Super Silver Bilbo is the perfect strain to turn to when the last thing on your mind is getting a good night’s sleep. If you’ve a wake and bake on the horizon, you won’t find many better strains than Super Silver Bilbo.

Nevil Bilbo Auto

Combined by crossing the genetics of Neville’s Haze with Northern Lights Auto, Nevil Bilbo Auto is a unique hybrid that intensifies all the beneficial characteristics of her parent strains.

Sativa-heavy and with a modest flowering time of around 10 weeks, a decent Nevil Bilbo Auto plant is capable of producing up to 500g of powerful pot with little to no TLC required on the part of the grower. Again, Nevil Bilbo Auto is all about the classic Haze fragrance and flavor, with plenty of sharp metallic notes on the nose and the palate.

Buruandi Block Head

Musky, woody and bursting with exotic spice, Buruandi Block Head is an interesting hybrid with a predominantly Indica high and just a hint of Sativa in the background. Well balanced and easy to enjoy, Buruandi Block Head is a consistently heavy producer that performs best under controlled indoor conditions.

Amnesia Bilbo

More than befitting of such a name, Amnesia Bilbo is a celebrated and award-winning hybrid that’s notorious for obliterating your short-term memory after a heavy session.

Psychoactive in the extreme and always easy to grow, Amnesia Bilbo is a heavy resin producer and therefore great for the production of cannabis concentrates and other extracts. The fragrance of ripe Amnesia Bilbo buds is closer to licorice than classic Skunk, with a gentle hint of incense in the background.

OG Lemon Bilbo

Rounding off with another heavy-hitter that’s not to be underestimated, OG Lemon Bilbo leans toward the Indica side of the scale and brings on a seemingly endless narcotic body stone after just a couple of heavy hits.

A strain to avoid if you’ve anything important to do, OG Lemon Bilbo is bursting with beautiful citrus fragrances and has a lingering fruity aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. OG Lemon Bilbo is also notorious for bringing on prolonged bouts of the munchies, so you might want to think about planning ahead.

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