Grand Daddy Purp Genetics

Founded by medical marijuana activist and MMJ patient Ken Estes, Grand Daddy Purp Genetics have become famous as producers of high quality medicinal cannabis strains. Their pot strains are rigorously tested and proven to be effective for medical conditions such as gastrointestinal disorders or glaucoma while also providing relief for those in constant pain or suffering from lack of appetite. Most famous of all their medicinal hybrids is the well loved original, Grand Daddy Purple, a strain created by Ken himself and celebrated for its ability to control pain whilst keeping you focused on your day to day life. This is a very potent purple Indica cross with a reputation that you cannot ignore. With their focus fully on the MMJ side of things you can rely on Grand Daddy Purp Genetics' seeds to provide the relief you need, so why not pick some up today from SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

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