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Green House Company

Marijuana Seeds from green house seeds

Considered by many to be the most successful cannabis business around, the Green House Seed Company have been breeding and producing for over 20 years.

The Green House Seed Company is one of the more successful cannabis companies of its kind in the world, exclusively providing the highest-quality seeds that are neither fungicidally treated nor genetically modified.

Green House Seed Company genetics are the result of years of intensive breeding. All strains have exceptional medicinal as well as recreational properties, as well as particular terpene profiles guaranteeing unique aromas and flavours.” - The Green House Seed Company

Proud recipient of more than 70 prestigious awards and accolades, the Green House Seed Company is considered one of the world’s leading pioneers in cannabis genetics. Owned and operated by Arjan - widely considered to be the ‘King of Cannabis’ - the Green House Seed Company is committed to the development of uncompromising cannabis strains of consistent quality and value to the user.

Arjan began hunting and collecting landrace strains of quality cannabis genetics more than 25 years ago, and he’s still travelling the world today to find the next big thing.

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The owner and founder, Arjan, is know in the marijuana community as the King of Cannabis having won more awards for his strains than anyone else in the industry. He started tracking down and collecting samples of landrace plants and unique genetics from around the world over 25 years ago and is dedicated to creating the very best strains from his extensive catalogue. Green House Seeds' pot strains have won over 30 Cannabis Cups, are renowned for their medicinal as well as recreational qualities and are always breaking new ground with exciting, well thought through new hybrids. Their feminized seeds are of the highest quality and new auto-flowering varieties have been created with the same level of care and forethought that goes into every strain they offer. Industry leaders in genetic research and preservation, celebrated for their taste, smell and high, you can't go wrong with Green House Seed Company seeds from SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

Famous Green House Strains

Catering to the needs of indoor and outdoor growers alike, Green House Seed Company has produced a variety of seeds that are suitable for grow spaces of all shapes and sizes. Many of which have become firm favourites among commercial cannabis cultivators and industrial-scale producers, along with amateur home growers worldwide.

The Green House Seed Company’s Himalaya Gold is one of its most popular specimens for outdoor cultivation, due to its pest resistance and resilience against comparatively cold temperatures. Ideal for cooler northern climates, Himalayan Gold is notorious for its generous yields and heavy indica high.  Outdoor growers also make a beeline for Arjan's Haze # 1, which delivers a quintessentially sativa buzz and produces huge quantities of cannabis after a flowering time of just 11 weeks.

Indoors, both White Widow and Great White Shark have earned widespread critical acclaim for their potency, generosity and simplicity of the cultivation process. Ideal when working with a relatively confined grow space, neither needs a great deal of room to produce plenty of quality cannabis in next to no time. Strawberry Haze and Neville's Haze are also perfectly suited to indoor grow spaces, though need a little longer to reach maturity.

Fronting the Fight for Fair Cannabis Policy

Green House Seed Company’s owner and operator has always been at the forefront of the fight to normalise cannabis on a global basis, both for recreational and medicinal purposes. To date, Arjan has opened four successful cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam, a cannabis social club in Barcelona, two of the world’s biggest seed banks, a specialist cannabis nutrient company and a cannabis’ documentary company among other business ventures.

“By making it illegal, politicians ruined everything, like they always do. And, even if it ends up being legal, politicians will find the way to ruin it again, exactly like with tobacco. Do you know how many people die of tobacco? And of alcohol? Politicians do nothing about it. So I repeat: our main issue in the world is our politicians.” - Arjan Roskam

Today, Arjan is considered one of the most influential and important individuals in the commercial cannabis sector worldwide. His company actively encourages cannabis uses to join the fight for legalisation and to do their bit to support the cause.

Awards and Accolades

Just a few of the more recent awards and accolades picked up by the Green House Seed Company and its owners include the following:

  • 2016 Expogrow-Irún 3rd place in the “Best indica" for “Green House Kush"
  • 2016 Spannabis 3rd place in the “Outdoor Category" for “Slex"
  • 2015 ADC Cup 1st Place in "Extractions" for "Mango Haze"
  • 2015 Copa De Los Andes 3rd place “Flowerbomb Kush"
  • 2015 Neurocopa (EXPOSED) 3rd place category Solvetless for “Big Tooth"
  • 2015 SoftSecrets 3rd place category Solvetless for “Caboose"
  • 2015 ADC CUP 1st place category Solvetless for “Caboose"
  • 2015 Expogrow-Irún 3rd in Best Autoflowering " Sweet Mango Auto"
  • 2015 Spannabis 3rd place for "Caboose" in the Indoor Category
  • 2014 HTCC 1st in Import Hash Cup for "Super Lemon Haze Cream"
  • 2014 HTCC 2nd in Neder Hash Cup for "Green House Ice"
  • 2014 HTCC 3rd place for "Pure Kush"
  • 2013 HTCC 2nd place for "Flowerbomb Kush"
  • 2013 HTCC 1st in Neder Hash Cup for "Lemon Crystal"
  • 2013 HTCC 2nd in Import Hash Cup for "Chemdog Cream"
  • 2013 Expogrow-Irún 1st in Best Sativa " Super Lemon Haze"
  • 2013 Expogrow-Irún 1st in Best Automatic " Skunk Auto"
  • 2013 ICMAG Breeders Cup 1st place best Indica for "Flowerbomb Kush"
  • 2013 Private Cannabis Cup 2nd & 3rd place for "Hawaiian Snow" in the Indoor Category
  • 2013 Private Cannabis Cup 3rd place for "Hawaiian Snow" in the Outdoor Category
  • 2013 Spannabis 1st place for "Gh Cheese" in the Outdoor Category
  • 2013 Spannabis 2nd place for "Exodus Cheese" in the Indoor Category
  • 2012 HTCC 1st place for "Flowerbomb Kush"

The full list features more than 70 prestigious awards, dating all the way back to the company’s founding more than 25 years ago.

White Widow - Up Close

By far one of the most famous strains ever to come from the labs at Green House Seeds, White Widow is perhaps the ultimate crowd pleaser. First developed almost 30 years ago by combining Brazilian indica and South Indian sativa landraces, White Widow is known for its energising and uplifting high that packs a serious punch.

It was awarded a high-profile prize at the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup and has been a staple on the scene ever since. THC content tends to come in at around 20%, though can vary from 17% right up to 25%.

Strawberry Haze - Up Close

Arjan's Strawberry Haze hit the market in 2006, after impressing a panel of cannabis connoisseurs a year earlier. This is a strain that is famed for its succulent strawberry fragrance and fruity flavour profile - both of which are intensified through classic yet careful soil cultivation.

Strawberry Haze typically tests for a THC content in the region of 20%, along with a generous CBD content of around 1.5%. Flowering times come in at around 10 weeks, by which point Strawberry Haze plants will have grown relatively tall with long branches and sparse foliage. An ideal outdoor specimen, if you have the conditions to sustain it.

Neville's Haze

As for Neville's Haze, this is another High Times Cannabis Cup winner from Green House Seeds, with strong sativa characteristics that deliver a euphoric and giggly high. Potent yet controllable, Neville’s Haze is ideal for firing up those creative juices and giving you the motivation to achieve pretty much anything.

That said, it’s also a potent strain with a THC content in the region of 22%, so it’s fairly easy to get carried away with. Still, take it easy with Neville's Haze and you’re looking at a strain with an endless list of potential recreational and therapeutic applications.

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