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Greenhouse Strain Hunters

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The Greenhouse Seed Company founders and breeders have long been known for their adventurous trips around the world, in which they document their search for rare genetics and heirloom, landrace cannabis strains.

Calling themselves The Strain Hunters and traveling the length and breadth of the planet, these guys have collected, preserved, bred and shared some of the best marijuana that Mother Nature ever created. Eventually, they decided a new seed bank was necessary so that they could share with global pot growers their new findings and the amazing hybrids they had created. In 2013, they officially launched The Strain Hunters seed bank, carrying feminized, autoflowering, regular and landrace cannabis seeds, perfectly crafted, award-winning and exotic. Come see what The Strain Hunters have found for you and buy the best seeds around with SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

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A Lifelong Passion

One of the most iconic seed banks over recent years, the Greenhouse Seed Company is overseen by a team of veteran breeders with a taste for adventure. A group of super-passionate cannabis connoisseurs who go by the title of Greenhouse Strain Hunters - an elite collective with more than 34 years of experience.

“Strain hunting has been a lifelong mission and passion. From the jungles of Africa to Asia to the mountain ranges of South America, the Strain Hunters are on a mission to bring back the most important and isolated cannabis landraces known to man. Over the past 34 years the Strain Hunters have collected some of the most unique and rare genetics from landraces all over the world and the hunt is still on!!” - (Greenhouse Strain Hunters)

T.H. Seeds - French Macaron Gelato 33 strain

Essential Strains

Greenhouse Strain Hunters is a unique seed brand with an interesting and ambitious goal. With most seed banks preoccupied by mainstream strains already doing the rounds, Greenhouse Strain Hunters is all about rare, unique and exclusive genetics from the deepest and darkest corners of the world.

This passion for perfection has brought about the introduction of a long list of remarkable strains unlike anything else the commercial cannabis market has to offer. Set your sights on any of the following for an unforgettable taste of what Greenhouse Strain Hunters is all about:


Previously available in clone form only (and notoriously difficult to get hold of), Afgooey is a vigorous and resinous specimen with plenty of old-school Afghan spice. All of which is taken to a new level with a generous hit of tropical fruits and citrus sweetness, resulting in a complex and satisfying smoke that’s hard to compare to anything else.

The same can also be said for the high, which is mentally accelerating to the point of almost chaotic confusion - not for the uninitiated or anyone with a low THC tolerance.

Big Tooth

Equally vigorous and extremely easy to grow, Big Tooth is very popular in recreational and medical cannabis circles alike. A noted anti-depressant and all round mood-booster, Big Tooth also promises the ultimate multi-sensory experience with her beautiful buds, penetrating fragrance and complex profile on the palate.

A few deep hits is all it takes to bring on an overwhelming sense of positivity and giddiness, which quickly gives way to the most relentless case of the munchies you’re ever likely to experience.


Famous in premier cannabis circles across California, Caboose was created by combining the genetics of Trainwreck with Creek Big Bud. The result of which is a compact and fast-flowering hybrid, which is easy to grow indoors or out and has a fragrance that combines spring blossoms with sharp citrus.

There’s a powerful and lingering metallic flavor on the exhale which lingers indefinitely, after which the ultra-heavy narcotic body stone kicks in. Often leading to inevitable couch-lock, though combined with mental stimulation for the duration for a seriously enjoyable experience.


Bursting with tropical fruit flavors, Damnesia is famed as an impressive appetite stimulant for a good reason. This stuff will set your mouth watering long before you lay your hands on it, after which the deeply relaxing stone gets to work on the muscles with a beautifully relaxing buzz.

Not the most productive strain for when you’ve things to do, but it doesn't get much better for a relaxing afternoon or evening doing little to nothing at all.

White Lemon

Extracting and enhancing the very best of her Super Lemon Haze and El Niño parent strains, White Lemon is a citrus-heavy strain that ideally needs an extensive outdoor grow space to do her thing.

The lemony-skunky fragrance really hits its stride after around five weeks of flowering, by which point you’ll struggle to keep it under wraps if discretion is a priority. Still, if you can cope with the stink for a few more weeks, you’ll be rewarded with one of the most delicious citrus-spiked strains you’re ever likely to encounter.

Money Maker

True to her name, Money Maker is a 100% old school strain that’s designed with monstrous yields and consistent quality in mind. The plants have a wonderfully inviting fragrance that’s bursting with berries and plenty of freshly dug earth, translating to a super-rich and satisfying smoke that permeates everything nearby.

The high is pretty much entirely physical with little to no cerebral effects, melting the body into a pool of nothingness right through to the extremities. If you’re craving couch-lock with zero possibility of moving for a few hours at least, look no further than Money Maker.

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