Kali’s Fruitful Cannabis Seeds

Marijuana Seeds from kali's fruitful cannabis seeds

Kali's Fruitful Cannabis Seeds are an offshoot seed company from the well loved breeder's seed bank, Dr Krippling. The range from Kali's Fruitful Cannabis consists of a line of strains based on one famous, exceedingly special Kali's Mist clone, which Dr Krippling came across as a young man. Since obtaining this prestigious Kali cut he has gone on to create a selection of high-quality hybrids: the variety of flavors and tastes is stunning and these strains have become well known for their medical effect, due in no small part to the great strength of the Kali cut. SeedSupreme Seed Bank is more than happy to offer this range of highly fruitful feminized cannabis seeds to our lucky customers, see the selection below and take home some of Kali's mystical offspring today.

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