Mandala Seeds

Founded by two botanical/biological professional with a penchant for weed and travelling, Mandala Seeds are here to do things differently. After long years in India, living, exploring and most importantly, hunting down examples of landrace marijuana genetics these two returned to Europe and began breeding out the seeds they brought home. Once they started crossing their new plants with existing genetics they new they were onto something special. The techniques Mandala Seeds use are based in modern science, but an appreciation for the historical, cultural and natural ways of horticulture pervades everything they do, as does a love of the spiritual connection humanity has with weed. The regular and feminized seeds they produce are renowned for being large and tough (due to not overproducing from single mothers) and for producing hardy, nutrient efficient plants (due to the lack on inbred genetics). Needless to say they're also dank as anything and have been highlighted in various publications. Find your own spiritual bliss and buy your holy cannabis seeds right here at SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

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