Short Stuff Seed Bank

From the moment the auto-flowering revolution started with the Joint Doctor's Lowryder the breeders behind Short Stuff Seed Bank knew they had to turn their experience to this new form of cannabis growing. By the late 2000s, working with legendary breeder Stitch, they had enhanced, improved and perfected their own lines of auto-flowering crosses and opened their seed bank to the world. They sell in 3 lines, the classic dwarf strains, the next gen autos (mid sized, better yielding) and now the super-autos (seriously, 3 metre tall autos anybody?). These guys have perfected the auto-flowering cannabis plant, producing stable, high yielding and incredibly tasty strains that still display the all important characteristics of Ruderalis. Join the revolution and get some Short Stuff in your collection, buy the best autoflowering weed seeds online with SeedSupreme Seed Bank.

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