Joint Doctor - Lowryder Seeds

The auto-flowering revolution is in full swing right now with many new and established seed banks offering Cannabis Ruderalis hybrids to their appreciative customers. This new and exciting side to the industry originated with one breeder, the Joint Doctor. Over the past 15 years the Joint Doctor took the skills he learnt growing up on a farm and tending his father's cannabis garden and put them to use locating and experimenting with rare or exotic marijuana strains. With a little luck and some dedication the end result was Lowryder, the first commercially available. dwarf sized, auto-flowering cannabis variety. From here the Joint Doctor has refined the auto-flowering genetics of his Lowryder and hybridised it with many successful strains, leading to plants that keep the desired flowering properties while adding greater taste, smell and yield. The Joint Doctor's catalogue is available to buy here at SeedSupreme seed bank as both regular and feminized seeds, perfect for a home grow where space is limited.

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