The Kush Brothers

Here’s a question – how do you stand out among a million other cannabis producers, all gunning for the same glory?

The answer – you focus on small-quantity, high-quality cannabis seed production and refuse to compromise.

And that’s exactly what enabled J.M Kush and A.M Kush to climb the ladder to legendary status, both in their native Spain and across the world. Known internationally as the Kush Brothers, this plucky pair never intended to send epic quantities of cannabis seeds to the furthest corners of the world. Instead, they chose to work on strictly limited-edition lines, engineered using the very best genetics on the planet.

The result of their efforts was and is a unique seed bank that features the kinds of strains you simply won’t find anywhere else. The colours, the fragrances, the flavours, the effects – everything about Kush Brothers strains simply screams pedigree and superiority. There are such massive differences from one product to the next that you find yourself compelled to try them all.

Luck for you, Seed Supreme stocks the very best offering from the Kush Brothers for the lowest prices on the market!

The Best of the Best

Making a name for yourself with such massive and established competition isn’t easy – these guys nonetheless did a stellar job of it. Here at Seed Supreme, we’ve assembled an unrivalled selection of the very best of the best from the Kush Brothers. Whatever your preferences, budget and intentions, you’ll find the most epic seeds from the collection right here.

Some of the most popular lines from the Kush Brothers include Confidential Medicine, Exotic Kush, Confidential OG, Pendemia Kush, The Dark Side, Malibu, Mass Kush and many more besides. Though they all come from the same pair of geniuses, each and every strain really couldn’t be more unique.

The strains cooked up by the Kush Brother are not the kinds of strains that come about by chance or accident. Instead, it takes comprehensive knowledge of premium genetics and cross-breeding techniques to produce anything close to this quality. These guys have proved they know exactly what they’re doing time and time again – a brand for true connoisseurs with an unwillingness to compromise.

Superior Seeds

Here at Seed Supreme, we specialise only in the most outstanding-quality seeds from the world’s leading producers – hand-selected by us personally for guaranteed performance. Whether collecting for novelty purposes or setting up a legal grow effort, you simply will not find a more premium collection than the ranks here at Seed Supreme.

We understand the importance of discretion and offer the most discreet, secure shipping service on the market. You can find out more about the strains we offer by clicking the relevant image, or by getting in touch with the Seed Supreme team at any time.


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