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If you’re a fan of Skunk strains, then this herb will entice you right from the grow room with her lemon sweet skunky aroma. The very definition of... 

Complex, Skunky and Sedating

Bud Basics

Since Skunk and Northern Lights, when considered individually, are two of the most famous and illustrious strains in the cannabis community and across the planet, it’s practically guaranteed that Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized would be a remarkable strain in itself.

Genetics in this herb's heritage can be traced back to various landrace strains from around the world, including Mexican, Afghani, Thai and Colombia amongst others, and both her Sativa and Indica sides are highly regarded for their flavor and effects.

Borrowing the majority of her pungent scent from her Skunk parentage, this hybrid strain is well-balanced with complex lemon and herbal notes that delight the senses even before her high kicks in.

Once she hits though, you’ll not spare another thought for her flavor, as the soaring cerebral effects energize and invigorate to usher in euphoria. Of course, that's before she throws you back with an Indica-led body-stone that’s profound and relaxing, and a top example of what a 17% THC strain can do.

Medical tokers love this weed for her sedating and sleepy effects, but as a painkiller and an anti-anxiety medication, she’s a winner too.

Thanks to her awesome genetics, she’s also simple to cultivate even for beginners, naturally hardy and resilient to most pests and injuries. Her flowering time is a little shorter than most Indica variants too, which you’d expect would affect her yields - but you’d be wrong, as this little specimen is a high yielder, through and through.

Flavor and Fragrance of Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized

Breaking apart these nugs will release the pungent and classic skunky aroma associated with all Skunk strains, but Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized has the additional layer of complexity to her scent that’s characterized by her other parent.

Blending with this overpowering skunkiness are notes of citrus lemon and a herbal accent that sweetens the overall fragrance.


Despite being Indica-heavy, Skunk x Northern Lights Fem begins in the mind, energizing you with an invigorating buzz that spreads through the body. The initial effect of this herb is euphoric, ushering in a pleasant sense of happiness that works to clear the mind and heighten focus in an intense cerebral effect that elevates the senses without overwhelming.

Once the head-highs of this weed have well and truly set in, the physical effects begin to manifest in earnest. The muscles loosen to relieve tension and fatigue from the limbs alongside the lightened mood you’ll still be enjoying. In moderate doses, this ganja is likely to induce lethargy and a desire to lounge around rather than be active - and that goes for seasoned smokers as much as it does for newbies.

As with most strains, Skunk x Northern Lights can bring on cottonmouth, dry, red eyes and dizziness. Counteract this by staying as hydrated as possible and drinking plenty of water. When over consumed, more adverse effects may become apparent, including heightened anxiety and paranoia, or headaches.

Medical Uses of Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized

Boldly relaxing, the complex terpene profile and reasonable levels of THC in Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized make her a potent therapeutic strain. Her uplifting euphoric effects are ideal for alleviating the mind of the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD in addition to mood disorders such as bipolar disorder.

Like most Indica-leaning weed, this pot also boasts analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that make her an ideal choice for those in the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community seeking reprieve from headaches, migraines, arthritis, cramps, muscle spasms and PMS.

As Skunk x Northern Lights is sedating, body-numbing ganja, she’s often utilized for those seeking her ability to induce drowsiness, as this nighttime strain can aid those suffering from insomnia.

Growing Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

Thanks to the Afghani roots of Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized’s parent strains, home growers will find this ganja to be a breeze to cultivate, as she’s inherited a resiliency and hardiness that simplifies every aspect of her life cycle.

Indica-heavy, this plant can tolerate the most unfavorable of conditions and environments, as well as most minor injuries. Naturally, this makes her a choice strain for novice growers.

When it comes to choosing the medium in which these beauties are grown, it’s more about the grower’s preference than the strain itself. For those who would rather develop the plant’s terpene profile and improve the flavor and aroma of the final yield, then organic soil is the way to go. If it’s all about quantity, then a hydroponics setup is the best way to boost her growth rate.

Small and compact, Skunk x Northern Lights can thrive in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup to boost final harvests, but she’s already a generous yielder, producing up to 500 grams per square meter. As such, a SOG technique will only likely cut down the length of the vegetative phase and allow for perpetual harvests.

In comparison to most Indica strains, she’s a fast-flowering beauty, too - only 7 to 8 weeks to wait for the development of her dense and sticky nugs.

Outdoors, this pot prefers a warm and dry Mediterranean-style climate, and if sowed in the northern hemisphere, can be harvested around the middle of October for a high yield of up to 900 grams of buds per plant.


If you’re a fan of Skunk strains, then this herb will entice you right from the grow room with her lemon sweet skunky aroma. The very definition of the proof being in the pudding, Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized is a cross between two already iconic strains and honestly one of the best hybrids available.

Producing gorgeous sticky buds with a complex aroma, this Indica-dominant little beauty offers long-lasting pain relief as well as a reprieve from psychological ailments.

Thanks to her resilient and hardy genetics, this psychedelic and mood-enhancing pot is available for anyone to grow, whether you’re experienced at cannabis cultivation or not. All-fem seeds simplify the work, and in a shorter than average grow time you’ll find yourself overburdened with fragrant nugs capable of sending you into the most profound body-stone experience of your life.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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