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Impressing and invigorating on the nose, Taskenti Feminized is renowned for her minty-citrus fragrance notes. Not to mention, the kind of ludicrous resin production that makes this herb a firm favorite for the production of quality hashish and extracts...

An Epic Uzbekistan Export

Bud Basics

Originally exported from Uzbekistan and spiked with a touch of Northern Lights, Taskenti is a historic landrace strain reinvented for the 21st century. Now available in feminized seed form – no unwanted males in the mix – this durable, resilient and robust Indica-heavy hybrid is finally attracting the attention and acclaim she deserves.

This herb is just about as close to pure-Indica as it gets, meaning no surprises when it comes to this deep and long-lasting physical stone.

Impressing and invigorating on the nose, Taskenti Feminized is renowned for her minty-citrus fragrance notes. Not to mention, the kind of ludicrous resin production that makes this herb a firm favorite for the production of quality hashish and extracts.

She’s not the most potent strain in THC stakes – typical batches ranging from around 16% to 18%. Nevertheless, Taskenti represents a perfect illustration of how you don’t always need a ton of THC to have the desired effect, or gain maximum enjoyment from a true marijuana masterpiece.

Manageable, controllable and versatile in the extreme, this pot has near-limitless therapeutic and recreational applications. It can provide a gentle mood-boost in tiny quantities, deeper relaxation in moderate amounts and complete incapacitation when consumed in large quantities. Despite being almost pure-Indica, a mellow and enjoyable head high complements the physical stone throughout.

Originating from a harsh and rugged setting in the hills of Uzbekistan, this strain has learned how to cope with difficult and changeable conditions. All this adds up to a super-easy-grow specimen that’s capable of producing enormous yields, requiring minimal space to do her thing and almost no expertise whatsoever.

Flavor and Fragrance of Taskenti Feminized

If you’ve experienced Taskenti firsthand, you’ll know she's not a particularly forgiving strain for novice smokers. At least, in the sense that the smoke itself tends to be somewhat harsh, scratchy and cough-inducing. One to take carefully and gently therefore, or perhaps try out with a low-temperature vaporizer.

Still, a slightly scratchy throat is a small price to pay for such a unique and enjoyable flavor profile. Thi cannabis has a complex and furious minty-fresh taste, punctuated by plenty of sharp citrus and notes of pine. The combustion of the buds also brings out a prominent taste of exotic hashish, which lingers on the palate and hangs in the air indefinitely.

This combination of exotic hash and minty freshness makes for something totally unique and worthy of appreciation. Even if it does mean dealing with an occasional coughing fit as an inevitable consequence.


Rather than blowing your mind with a blast of overpowering euphoria, you’re instead elevated to a more positive and optimistic state of consciousness with Taskenti Feminized.

Negative thoughts, the stresses of the day and any worries you had on your mind disintegrate into nothingness, as you find yourself focusing on and contemplating all that’s good in the world. You’re not reduced to the state of a grinning imbecile – you’re just as happy and content as can be.

15 minutes or so into the ride and the body stone begins to kick in. Again, careful consumption of Taskenti leads to the kind of controllable and enjoyable stone that won’t render you immobile. Warm tingles combine with a feeling of heaviness that worms its way through the body, resulting more in a state of laziness than incapacitation.

You’ll still be able to chat and accomplish rudimentary tasks if you wish, but you’ll be just as happy staring into space and reflecting on how fantastic everything is.

That said, hit this herb particularly hard and all of the above is taken to the next level.  The initial uplift can be much more accelerated and subsequent couchlock is far from out of the equation. All making Taskenti a fantastically versatile and enjoyable strain, which in measured doses can be just about anything you want it to be.

Medical Uses of Taskenti Feminized

Getting to work on body and brain in a gentle yet effective way, Taskenti Feminized has a long list of potential medical applications. From combating stress to reversing pessimism to eliminating everyday worries and woes, this ganja's a great choice for helping you see things from a more positive perspective.

The physical effects are also great for taking care of mild to moderate aches and pains, or for simply helping you settle in times when you’re finding it difficult to wind down.

Equally moderate are the munchies this stuff brings on, resulting in controllable hunger pangs that won’t have you raiding the fridge simply for the sake of it.

Averaging between 16 and 18% THC, newcomers should get on fine with this weed, even without a high THC tolerance to support you. Consume this cannabis in moderation, however, unless you want to be knocked flat for hours on end.

Growing Taskenti Feminized Seeds

The near-pure-Indica composition of Taskenti Feminized makes this an extremely compact and forgiving specimen to grow at home. Expect short and squat plants throughout the cultivation cycle, which in the case of this feminized version will be all-female with a probability rate of around 99%.

Durable, resilient and sturdy, Taskenti typically finishes the vegetative stage after just 30 days and begins producing buds.

Yields vary significantly in accordance with cultivation conditions and location.  Outdoors in the right climate, it’s not impossible for every plant to produce as much as 20oz of fantastically fragrant flowers. Indoor yields aren’t nearly as generous, but are still decent enough considering the size of the plants and the fact that they more or less grow themselves.

Odor control measures should be considered where discretion is a priority, as the curious minty-citrus fragrance the flowers produce can travel a serious distance.


Some strains exist for no purpose other than to get you as high as you could possibly get in the shortest possible time. By contrast, others are more about the all-round enjoyment of an expertly engineered piece of marijuana mastery.

Taskenti Feminized is a perfect representation of the latter – an almost pure-Indica specimen with a modest 16%-18% THC content and a fragrance all of her own. Manageable, controllable and enjoyable in the extreme, this pot is also quick, easy and convenient to grow.

An impressive Uzbekistan export that’s made a significant mark on western cannabis culture, with immensely broad and diverse recreational and medical applications. 

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
GrowsGrows Indoors
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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