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From top to bottom, Triple XL Autoflower clearly demonstrates that you can indeed have the best of all worlds. This is a precision-engineered strain that combines the quick and easy cultivation benefits of an auto with the super-heavy yields of...

Triple Your Pleasure

Bud Basics

It was once the case that autoflowering weed couldn’t quite rival the THC or terpene content of a comparable photoperiod strain. Autos bringing the bonus of faster results and a simpler overall cultivation cycle, though often at the expense of potency and with slightly reduced yields. That is, until strains like Triple XL Autoflower came along, proving in one fell swoop that you really can have the best of all worlds.

Edging towards the Indica side of the scale, Triple XL is an impressive three-way amalgamation of a trio of all-time greats.

Along with combining the legendary properties of Northern Lights and Green Crack, this remarkable specimen brings the ludicrous production capabilities of Big Bud into the mix. The result of which is a fragrant and flavorful strain of epic proportions, which, along with an average THC content of around 20%, yields like it’s a competition.

The high itself is beautifully balanced, combining an invigorating cerebral uplift with a warm and relaxing body buzz. Though perhaps the crowning glory with Triple XL Auto is the simplicity of the grow, which even first-timers will be right at home with. No specialist knowledge, experience or equipment necessary – you’re practically guaranteed massive yields from comparatively tiny plants.

Next time someone tells you that you can’t have it all, point them smugly in the direction of this stuff!

Flavor and Fragrance of Triple XL Autoflower

This may be an intricate example of complex cannabis engineering, but there’s nothing particularly complicated about the flavor and fragrance. It’s a predominantly old-school experience, plenty of skunky notes on the nose with the occasional punch of tropical fruits. The buds emit a musky and dank aroma when broken, complimented by plenty of peppery spice when burned.

It’s a similar story on the palate, with a flavor that harks back to the retro Amsterdam coffee shop culture of the early nineties. Nothing complex or pretentious, just the unmistakable taste of quality weed with an earthy and peppery aftertaste. The smoke is rich, decadent and smooth, soothing the airways and filling the surrounding space with a dense and heavy fog.

Triple XL Autoflower is the kind of strain you can smell from a mile away, so be sure to take the necessary precautions.


As you’d expect from a strain with Green Crack in the direct ancestry, Triple XL Auto gets to work immediately with a fantastically energizing and uplifting headrush.  All five senses begin firing on all cylinders, as you’re propelled into a sense of sublime self-confidence and pure productivity. For a few minutes at least, you’ll have both the drive and the intention to get things done.

Not that starting any particularly taxing tasks is advisable, as the heaviness of the body stone is just around the corner. 30 minutes or so into the experience and the “I can do anything” mindset is replaced with “I can’t be bothered” as you gravitate quickly towards lethargy and laziness.

Couch-lock is a distinct possibility when toying with Triple XL Autoflower at the top end of the THC scale – 20% being more than enough to floor most everyday users.

At which point, the passage of time means nothing and your surroundings become all the entertainment you’ll be needing indefinitely. Triple XL can be a fantastic social smoke, nurturing conversation and often descending idle chats into relentless fits of laughter. Sleepiness can be expected as things wind down, making this a strain to reserve for later in the day.

If you’ve a history of panic attacks or paranoia, start out slow and take things from there. Though not the hardest-hitting weed in the world, this cannabis can be a little racy in the early stages for novice users to deal with.

Medical Uses of Triple XL Autoflower

The finely-tuned genetic balance of Triple XL Auto has made her a popular choice in therapeutic circles for the alleviation of various conditions. This herb's THC content of around 20% is also just about right – strong enough to get the job done, though without descending into delirium.

Even after the physical side of the stone kicks in, the mood-boosting and spirit-elevating properties of Triple XL continue. From start to finish, all traces of stress, anxiety, depression and worry are eliminated. If you’re simply feeling wound up and need something to bring you back down to earth, a couple of tokes and you’re right as rain.

This is also a strain that’s been associated with creativity and innovative thinking – ideal for artists, musicians and creative types in general.

The physical side of the stone has potential to be incapacitating, though can work wonders against mild to moderate pain conditions. Muscles and joints from head to toe are soothed into a state of total relaxation, melting away physical maladies in a matter of minutes. The high can ride on for a good three to four hours, adding up to long-lasting relief and no crashing comedown.

Sleep disorders and depression are also known to respond well to the controlled consumption of strains like this, and appetite issues become a thing of the past. Though the initial stages of the high can be quite high-energy in nature, Triple XL Autoflower almost always descends into drowsiness when the ride comes to an end.

Growing Triple XL Autoflower Seeds

One of the most appealing aspects of growing Triple XL Autoflower at home is her fantastically compact size and ability to take care of herself. At full maturity, you’ll rarely see a plant that reaches more than 70 centimeters in height. This means that irrespective of how little space you have to play with, you’ll easily find somewhere to accommodate a couple of specimens.

This being the auto variant of the strain, your plants will automatically switch to the flowering stage when the time is right. All of which significantly reduces the overall seed to harvest time, meaning you could be looking at quality results just 10 weeks or so after sowing your seeds.

Not only does Triple XL Auto routinely test for as much as 20% THC, but the way this stuff yields for such a tiny plant is remarkable. Given the right conditions (indoors or outside), producing as much as 400g of weed for every square meter of grow space is perfectly possible.

Just be sure to keep an eye on foliage density and air circulation, as Triple XL Autoflower plants have a tendency to become extremely bushy. Moisture build-up can therefore become an issue, leading to mold and rot when not taken care of at an early stage.


From top to bottom, Triple XL Autoflower clearly demonstrates that you can indeed have the best of all worlds. This is a precision-engineered strain that combines the quick and easy cultivation benefits of an auto with the super-heavy yields of a photoperiod strain. Not to mention, a THC content that routinely reaches 20% - more than enough to satisfy even the most discerning smokers.

Combining the genetics of three of the most legendary strains on earth - Northern Lights #5 X Big Bud X Green Crack – this herb was never going to be anything but a new generation superstar in her own right.

Often putting out as much as 400g for every square meter of grow space just 10 weeks or so after germination, this pot is an irresistible prospect for home growers with minimal space, time and patience to play with.

More Information
Strain IconsAutoflower
SexFeminized Autoflower
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthAll Year
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
YieldVery High
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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